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Dog Strollers

Dog strollers are relatively new in the dog accessory market, but these are one of the fastest growing products for pet owners around the world. Dog owners have really enjoyed how convenient they are to use

Dog Jogger Strollers

Jogger strollers for dogs are robust and specifically designed for the rigors of running.​ They can easily be identified by their larger wheels. They also tend to be 3 wheel strollers as these are easier to

Dog Trailers

Picking The Best Dog Trailer for Your Dog Read our guide on the things that you must consider when choosing a dog trailer for your favorite pet. Once you have read this guide then check out our reviews of the

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Pet gear Happy Traills Stroller, one of the best selling dog strollers available

Many pet owners love to pamper their fur babies, so when looking for a stroller for their pet only the best will do. If you are looking for one of the best and most popular dog stroller in the market today then you must look seriously at the Pet Gear Happy Trails stroller. This is available in both a zippered model and their patented No-Zip model.

Pet Gear are well known for the quality of their products and the Happy Trails stroller comes up to their high standards. This stroller is suitable for use in and around well formed pathways and folds easily to enable quick use in and around you vehicle.

Paws and Pals City walk N Stride, great value for money pet stroller

If you are in the market for a pet stroller, one of the best ​strollers to consider is the Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller. It offers a host of features that will benefit both you and your pet.​

This stroller is a best selling stroller suitable for small dogs. Ideal for use on short walks on smooth or paved pathways.

This product has proved very popular with customers with over 900 reviews on Amazon

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Stroller

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Stroller, premium quality stroller ideal for jogging and running

Pet Gear has been making accessories for pet owners for over 30 years and has combined some of their best design features to create an innovative jogger stroller that is ideal for owners who love to exercise with their dogs.

There are many strollers marketed as “jogging strollers,” however, many do not live up to their name.

Our in-depth review will show you what we liked and disliked about using the Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller. Honestly, it is hard to find any major cons, but just like other products, there are a few though only minor.

Natuvalle pet carrier, versatile airline approved pet carrier for your dog

The Natuvalle 6 in 1 pet carrier is a multi-purpose pet carrier. Suitable for use as a shoulder or backpack carrier as well as a handbag carrier. It also functions as a car seat crate when traveling. Airline approved this carrier allows you to take your fur baby on board with you for peace of mind.

This carrier is one of the best available and currently has a 4.5 start rating on Amazon from 400+ reviews.

Available in 4 sizes meaning you can find a carrier that is just right for your pet. The largest size is suitable for pet up to 18lbs

Sleeko pet carrier, airline approved, one of the best selling pet carriers

The Sleeko pet carrier is a multi-purpose pet carrier. The model is specifically built with airline travel in mind. The size and shape of the carrier is such that it can be comfortable packed under the chair of a plane.

This carrier is one of the best available and currently has a 4.6 start rating on Amazon from around 400 reviews.

This is a smart looking pet carrier designed for the fashion conscious pet owner. If you are looking for a great looking carrier then you must have a closer look at this Sleeko model.

VIVO 3 wheel pet stroller, value for money, quality dog stroller

The VIVO 3 wheel pet stroller is extremely versatile and easy to use.It has proved very popular with pet owners and almost 1000 reviews on Amazon rating it at 4.1 stars.

This lightweight and easy to use pet stroller lets you take your pet with you wherever you go and protects your pet from outside elements.

It also keeps your pet clean longer than if you just let him roam free. If you are in the shopping mall or other enclosed locations, the pet stroller helps you carry your pet easily.

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Dog Trailer

Best Choice 2 in 1 dog trailer/stroller, quality dual purpose product idea for the active pet owner

The Best Choice Products 2 in 1 dog bike trailer and stroller is a great-looking product. It has a catchy bright red color that makes everyone pay attention to ​your fur baby riding in it. Plus, its lightweight steel frame makes it easy for any owner to pull or push it around without straining ​too much. It also comes in a light weight aluminum version .

Designed to fit most bicycle models easily. You can ride along on your ​mountain bike, and have your dog tag along without any ​problems.

It can support weights of up to 66 pounds, allowing some larger breeds to comfortably fit in the trailer.

Sherpa pet carrier, airline approved and great value carrier for your dog

The Sherpa travel original deluxe pet carrier is designed with light materials in order to provide a handy carrier for pet owners. It comes in 3 handy sizes and suits pets up to 22lbs.
This pet carrier is one of the most popular products on Amazon with over 4500 reviews rating it 4.6 stars. If you are in the market for a pet carrier, particularly one that is airline approved then this warrants a closer inspection.
It also comes in a variety of colors to suit even the most discerning buyer.

Dog stroller for jogging by Dogger

Are you looking for a good quality stroller that enables you to go running or jogging with your dog. Or are you looking for a dog stroller that you can take off the beaten path. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you might be interested in the Dogger Dog Stroller.

This dog stroller features a sturdy frame, several high-quality features, and delivers the optimum convenience for both you and your pet.

The Dogger Dog Stroller is considered by many pet owners as “the SUV of dog strollers”

Amazon Basic value for money pet carrier

After a quality pet carrier that will not break your budget?  If this is you then you need to take a closer look at the Amazon basic Pet Carrier.

This soft sided pet carrier is designed to fit under most airline seats. It’s classy design and features will have your pet traveling in comfort and style with the Amazon Basic soft sided pet carrier.

With plenty of mesh to ensure your pet has ample air, a great view and also travel in safety.

What Is A Pet Stroller

Pet strollers are relatively new to the pet accessory market, however they have quickly become quite popular. Pet strollers are very similar to the strollers that you would use for a young child, however they are purpose built for the rigors of use as a pet accessory. They have added features ideally suited to cater for the needs of both you and your pet.

Dog strollers come in a range of varieties to suit the individual needs of the pet owner. Many people first begin using a pet stroller when their dog begins to age. Maybe your dog has been slowed down with the effects of arthritis or even after surgery, this is when pet strollers are particularly effective. They allow your dog to still enjoy the benefits of being outdoors with your without the pain or stress that a long walk may cause them.

Before beginning you search for a stroller for your dog the are several important questions that you need to answer. These answers will help you decide what type of pet stroller will suit you the best and also meet your budget.

One of the best dog stroller is the Pet Gear No Zip stroller

9 Questions To Answer Before You Buy Your Pet Stroller

1. Will you be using your pet stroller on sidewalks, gravel, sand or dirt trails?
The kind of terrain that you intend to use your dog stroller over will have an important bearing on the type of stroller that is suitable for you.
2. Do you intend to be walking or jogging with the stroller?
This is an important factor in the type of wheels you would need on the stroller that you choose.

Both of these questions above are designed to determine the size and type of wheels that are suitable for your planned usage.

Small wheels work great if the path that you walk is relatively smooth and even like a sidewalk or concrete pathways.

If you plan to use the stroller over rougher terrain then you should select a pet stroller with larger wheels, usually about 11”-12” will be much better and easier to use.

Sometimes these are referred to as pet joggers as they are more suitable for someone who is jogging than the smaller wheeled strollers.

Dog joggers also tend to come with suspension inbuilt to ensure that your pampered pet enjoys a smooth and comfortable ride.

3. What is the frequency you will using the pet stroller?
Will you walking occasionally with your dog in the stroller?

If this is the case then you could probably choose one of the cheaper models. You would still be able to enjoy the freedom that the pet stroller gives both you and your dog.

If you plan on using the stroller whilst you are exercising and daily power walks or jogging, you will need a model that can withstand this more frequent and rigorous use.

I would recommend that you consider a pet jogger that will better suit your needs.

4. Will you be taking long walks?
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5. Are your walks casual walks or power walks?
If you’re just taking a casual stroll around the block, stability, suspension and durability won’t play as big a part in your decision making process.
Flexzion pet stroller is ideal for small pets

The more strenuous you intend your activity to be, the stronger the pet stroller needs to be. You will begin to need to consider how long the stroller will last and what is the warranty on the stroller you choose.

Inflatable rubber tires
Three wheel configurations are much better for joggers and power walkers.
Suspension – does it have any
Padding inside the stroller to cushion your pet if there are any bumps on the way.

6. How much storage room at home do you have?
If you do not have much space then consider a model that is easily collapsible. These models take up much less room since they can fold up to be stored.

If you have stairs to negotiate then you may need to consider the weight of the stroller as well.

7. Do you need to transport the stroller in you car or SUV?
How much space it takes up and how easily it folds will be important considerations if you are going to use your dog stroller regularly, particularly if you are going on a family outing.

Not everyone has the room for a full size stroller to size around, even a pet stroller, so having the capability to fold up can be really convenient.

It is also a necessity if you travel with your pet and pet stroller or simply need to drive to the park, store or other location that is not right in your neighborhood.

Most fpet strollers fold easily and efficiently and are easy to maneuver.

8. How many dogs do you have or will be riding in the stroller?
Do you have one small dog or two or more? Three dogs enjoying their pet jogger

Pet strollers now come in versions that cater for two or more pets.

If you intend carrying more than one pet or even a larger dog please check the carrying capacity of the stroller that you intend to purchase.

Pet strollers have a weight rating from the manufacturer indicating how much weight they can carry.

These ratings vary from as little as 25lbs up to 90-100lbs for larger dogs.

In addition to the weight rating, you may need to consider the size of your dog. If it is particularly tall or long you may need a much larger stroller than what their weight along would indicate.

You should ensure they have plenty of room to maneuver and be comfortable rather than squashed in.

A ride in a pet stroller should be an enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

9. Finally, will you be using the pet stroller on windy or rainy days?
The pet stroller you select should be made of rain resistance or even waterproof fabric or that has rain and wind guards to protect your pampered pooch from the elements.

If you would like some more information to assist you in deciding which pet stroller to choose, then go to the following pages to see our reviews and comparisons of specific dog stroller, jogger and trailer models.

Additional Pet Stroller Features

  • Handle Height
    If you intend running or jogging with the pet stroller, consider a stroller with a handle height of at least 37″.
  • Durability
    Models for everyday use are more rugged and are more likely to be term pet joggers.
  • Easy to Clean
    If you have a pet that sheds make sure that your chosen model is easy to clean
  • Pet seated height
    Some models of pet strollers have a significantly lower base height which may be important if you have a larger dog or a dog with mobility issues.
  • Removable insert or pad
    Ideally the model you select will have a removable insert that will allow for easier cleaning


When it comes to choosing the right pet stroller for your needs, the information contained in this website provides you with the knowledge you need to sort through the different models available and choose the one that will be perfect for your pet and your preferences as well.

Pet strollers are a great way to take your pet with you on walks, shopping trips and exercise sessions without worry that they will tire and cut the trip or workout short.

They are getting more popular with each passing year and will continue to do so as long as people want to bring their pets along with them the way they do currently.

When you know what the features are for a great pet stroller, you can be confident that the one you choose will last you a long time and fulfill the needs you have.

Why Should I Buy A Dog Stroller

There are many reasons why people buy strollers to carry their dogs in.

Small Dogs

Some small dogs are not able to walk long distances and may get tired much quicker than larger dogs. Strollers for small dogs mean that you can take your dog with you, even on long distance walks without having to worry about them tiring out quickly and becoming exhausted.

Older Dogs

Older dogs also tire more quickly than younger dogs, therefore a stroller is a great way of still being able to take them out and about, rather than them being left at home. When they get tired, they can simply hop in to the stroller and spend the rest of the time being chauffeured around. Many older dogs start to suffer from arthritis in their hips and joints as they age. A dog stroller affords you a way of taking your dog outdoors with you without them experiencing pain from their ailment.


Puppy owners benefit from a dog stroller too as you should be very careful about taking puppies outside before they have had all their vaccinations. In a stroller they are safe from picking things up from the ground and other dogs out and about. As with old dogs, puppies get tired easy too and may need to take a quick nap every now and again, a few hours for you can be a long day for a little puppy.

Post Surgery or Injury

If your dog is recovering from surgery or an injury, dog strollers will allow them to still go out and get fresh air without the risk of them harming themselves more.

Healing wounds can easily be infected by bacteria found outside the home, so having somewhere for your dog to retreat to is definitely not a bad idea.