Best Choice 2 in 1 Dog Trailer Review

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​While many pet owners like to go out on their bikes with their dogs jogging beside them.

Not all pet owners, however, can enjoy ​this activity as there are those with pets who cannot run the miles or can’t keep up. That is why pet owners rely on dog bike trailers or pet strollers so they can take their beloved animals with them comfortably when they go out for a bike ride.

With all the different pet trailer brands and products available out there, the selection and buying process can be quite overwhelming for some owners.

Selecting The Right Dog Trailer

To help you decide on which dog bicycle trailer you should buy for your pet, here is a product guide and review about one of the best-selling dog bike trailers​.

Best Choice Products 2 in 1 dog bike trailer/stroller. A versatile and rugged pet stroller

Best Choice 2 in 1 Dog Trailer/Jogger

The Best Choice Products 2 in 1 dog bike trailer and stroller is a great-looking product.

It has a catchy bright red color that makes everyone pay attention to ​your fur baby riding in it. Plus, its lightweight steel frame makes it easy for any owner to pull or push it around without straining ​too much.

It also ​works compatibly with most bicycle models, so even if you ride on your ​mountain bike, you can let your dog tag along without any ​problems.

Since it can support weights of up to 66 pounds, some large breeds can comfortably fit in the trailer. However, it’s more ideal for use in carrying small and medium dogs.

Features Of The 2 in 1 Trailer by Best Choice Products

  • One nice thing about this trailer is that there is a tether hook inside the trailer to which you can clip to your dog’s harness for added security. A removable and washable cushion also keeps your pet comfortable during the ride.
  • The safety flags and reflectors are great safety features that allow the trailer to be visible in both day and night traffic.
  • You could also easily install LED lights that you can use during the night or when it’s dark. ​
  • You can use the bike trailer in any weather, too. The top cover is made of water-resistant polyester.
  • It has a weather-resistant canopy and a plastic rain cover, so even if it rains, your pet will stay dry and safe in it.
  • The mesh bug screen also provides adequate ventilation so your dog won’t feel hot or suffocate while traveling inside the trailer. The mesh screen is also fine enough to let your dog get a clear view of the surroundings while on the road.
The trailer is easy to connect and disconnect from your bike, so you can convert it into a stroller when you decide to stop and take a walk around a place. You only need to swivel the front wheel down to turn the trailer into a stroller and you can lock the brakes on when you put the stroller to stop so it doesn’t roll away while your pet is still inside.

There are storage pockets where you can put your pet’s favorite doggy treats and snacks, water, trailer disassembly tools, toys, and other outdoor knick knacks.

You can also access the inside of the trailer through the three zippered openings in the front, at the back, and on top.

The air-filled tires are made of high quality rubber and can be re-inflated using your bike’s air pump. The rear wheels are 19 inches wide, but the front wheel is only 9.5 inches because it’s just an accessory wheel used for the stroller. However, because of this, the stroller can ​tip over when your pet is positioned at the back. So you must hold the stroller at all times and never leave your pet unattended while inside the stroller.

Nonetheless, this is not a problem when used as a bike trailer because the connection of the hitch bar to your bike’s rear axle provides adequate leverage to the trailer’s stability while on the road.

Overall, the Best Choice Products 2 in 1 pet bike trailer and stroller jogger is an outstanding product, but it’s not perfect for all.

Here are the lists of the pros and cons of this product:

What We Liked

  • ​Trailer’s steel frame is durable yet lightweight
  • Easily converts into a stroller
  • Easy to connect to your bike
  • Quality top-cover materials
  • Great safety features (safety flag and reflectors)
  • Stroller’s handlebar is adjustable to various heights
  • Cushion is removable and washable
  • Can hold two or more smaller dogs
Best Choice products 2 in 1 dog trailer stroller combination

What We Didn’t Like

  • Stroller can easily tip over when you pet moves to the back
  • No color variation; only comes in red
  • Doesn’t fold well; you need to remove the tires and handlebar to fold and store it
  • Some consumers have complained of packaging issues

Product Information

The Best Choice Products 2 in 1 pet dog bike trailer and stroller jogger is made of heavy-duty but lightweight steel frame.

This can support pets weighing up to 66 pounds. It features a 2 in 1 mesh bug screen and weather-resistant canopy that can protect your pet from insects, the sun, and even the rain.

It even has a safety flag also makes the trailer visible to traffic so you and your pets are safe on the road.

This trailer is suitable for small, medium, and even large dogs, depending on the pet’s weight.

It is also ideal for carrying or transporting puppies, dogs with disabilities, old dogs, and dogs with temporary conditions that limit their physical movements such as post-operative recovery.

This dog bike trailer is easy to connect to and disconnect from your bike.

A major selling point of this trailer is that is easily converts into a pet stroller by simply swiveling the front wheel. It has pockets where you can store or stash pet treats, water bottles, towels, and tools for trailer connection and disconnection.

Best Choice Dog Trailer Features

  • Heavy-duty, lightweight steel frame
  • Supports weight up to 66 pounds
  • Water-resistant polyester fabric
  • Weather-resistant canopy and mesh bug screen
  • Hand-lock brake system to lock the stroller when standing by
  • Large, air-filled tires that are 19 inches in diameter
  • Full suspension system that provides maximum stability

Best Choice Dog Trailer Features

  • Length adjustable handlebar
  • Converts into a stroller without the need of tools
  • Safety flag and reflectors for traffic visibility
  • Removable and washable pet cushion Includes universal bike hitch for rear axle connection
  • Multiple storage or utility pockets
  • Folds ​easily for vehicle transport

​​Product Specifications

  • Weighs 37 pounds​
  • Stroller/trailer dimension of 24 inches (width), 46 inches (length), and 38 inches (height)​
  • Inside-trailer dimension of 23 inches (width), 27 inches (length), and 22 inches (height)​
  • Folded trailer dimension of 9 inches (width), 33 inches (length), and 28 inches (height)​
  • 9.5 inches front wheel​
  • 19 inches rear wheels​
  • Red fabric color


Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller Jogger is excellent as a dog bicycle trailer. As a pet stroller, it isn’t as good as some of the purpose built dog strollers, however the versatility of a two in one product is a huge plus.

This product is best for owners who are avid bike riders and love to take their pets with them around the park or the countryside.

For owners who are not bike riders, a four-wheeled pet stroller might be more suitable purchase.

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