The Best Dog Strollers of 2019

Finding the perfect stroller for your pet can be overwhelming. With the staggering amount of choices, it’s hard to pick out the best for your pet’s needs.

To help you decide, here’s an in-depth review of the best dog strollers in the market.

You’ll find the key features, pros, and cons of each dog stroller in this review. You can also find helpful tips on how to choose a stroller for your furry friend.

Our Top Pick


DODOPET 4-Wheel Pet Stroller

DODOPET 4 wheel dog stroller the best dog stroller for 2019

The DODOPET 4-Wheel Pet Stroller is the top item on the list. There are many reasons why this stroller makes the best all-around choice for your pet.

With a weight of only 16.5 lbs, this stroller is convenient enough to bring anywhere.

Despite its weight, the DODOPET stroller can accommodate pets as heavy as 55 lbs.

Best Overall Dog Stroller:


DODOPET 4-Wheel Pet Stroller

DODOPET 4 wheel dog stroller the best dog stroller for 2019

The DODOPET 4-Wheel Pet Stroller is the top item on the list. There are many reasons why this stroller makes the best all-around choice for your pet.

With a weight of only 16.5 lbs, this stroller is convenient enough to bring anywhere. Despite its weight, the DODOPET stroller can accommodate pets as heavy as 55 lbs.

It also has many added features including two storage spaces. The back-bag and under-basket storages are useful for pet supplies or when traveling and shopping.

Of course, you’d want a stroller that can make your dog feel comfortable. The DODOPET stroller has an anti-vibration system paired with thick and soft-line wheels. This element will be greatly appreciated by dogs that experience stress and anxiety.

If your dog is a bit on the wild side, you may worry that your stroller will break easily. But, this stroller is made of durable steel tubes that are vibration and impact-resistant. This stroller having four wheels is definitely an advantage because you can be sure that it won’t fall over.

The cabin is made from tear-resistant mesh and high-quality cloth. It’s also soft, waterproof, and odorless.

Another great feature is the reversible handle. You can simply reverse the handlebar if you want to stroll while seeing your pet.

Once you’re done using it, storing it won’t be a problem. With its one-touch fold system, you can fold it in just a few seconds. It’s not too bulky as well, so it’ll fit just about anywhere perfectly.

However, you can’t expect this kind of stroller to come cheap. It’s more expensive than other dog strollers in the market. If you have extra cash to spend, this is a product worth considering.


  • Anti-vibration system

  • Made from high-quality and durable materials

  • One-touch fold feature

  • Large storage space


  • More expensive than other strollers

  • Doesn’t include a cup holder

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Best Overall Runner Up:


HPZ Pet Rover

HPZ pet rover, runner up in the best overall dog stroller The runner-up for the best overall dog stroller is the HPZ Pet Rover.

Compared to the DODOPET stroller, the Pet Rover has a larger capacity at 75 lbs. But, the stroller weighs 22 lbs alone, so it’s heavier to carry around than the DODOPET.

This is a perfect stroller if you have more than one small pet. The internal compartment of the cabin is adjustable, so you can put about two small pets inside.

However, there’s a tendency that it’ll tip over because of the high center of gravity. Also, the plastic wheels aren’t versatile. The wheels would only be good on asphalt and concrete.

The frame of the stroller is made from aluminum and stainless steel material making quite durable. It also features an anti-vibration system. But, it seems a waste with the plastic wheels since they’re not sturdy enough for other kinds of terrain.

Unlike the DODOPET, the Pet Rover has a bottle holder. However, it only has a large under-basket and three small bags compared to the DODOPET’s large single back-bag.

If you’re thinking about comfort, the Pet Rover is made with water-proof materials that is odorless and stain-resistant. The inner adding also adds to the comfort factor of this stroller. It’s machine-washable, so it’s easy to clean.

You won’t have a difficult time storing it away once you don’t need it. Fold it up quickly and store it anywhere because it’s not too bulky.


  • Easy to fold and store away

  • Highly durable construction

  • Has several storage spaces and a bottle holder

  • Features a suspension system


  • Has a chance of tipping over if your pet is heavy

  • Unreliable plastic wheels

Our runner up for the best dog stroller is the HPZ pet rover

Best Lightweight Dog Stroller:


BestPet Posh Dog Stroller

Best lightweight dog stroller is the BestPet Posh Pet stroller

If you’re looking for something really simple, the Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller might be for you.

Unlike other pricier strollers, this affordable stroller has no additional storage. It only has a cabin for your pet.

Without the extra storage feature, it only weighs about 12 lbs. But because it’s super lightweight, it can only cater pets that weigh up to 25 lbs.

The Best Pet Posh stroller is quite easy to assemble. You’ll get an instruction manual as a guide. There are also videos online showing how to assemble it. But, it would take more time compared to other strollers.

Despite being lightweight, this stroller still packs a punch. It’s comfortable enough for your pets since the fabric used is breathable. It has a protective top covering, but the overall cabin isn’t waterproof.

The wheels might be an issue with different terrains since they’re small. It doesn’t have any suspension, so it can be a bumpy ride for your pet. Still, it’s durable enough to last for years unless it’s abused.

It’s easy to maneuver and gives you a lot of control on the speed. This is best to use on flat surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. It’s also a useful stroller for mall or shopping trips. If you’re a frequent visitor at parks, this isn’t an advisable stroller for you.

The best thing about the Best Pet Posh Travel Stroller is the price. If you’re looking for a basic and affordable stroller, you may want to consider this.


  • Weighs only 12 lbs

  • Made from comfortable and durable materials

  • Roomy interior with protective covering

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Very affordable price


  • Basic stroller with no accessories

  • Small wheels

  • Takes time to assemble and disassemble compared to other strollers


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Best Lightweight Stroller Runner Up:


Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

Pet Gear Ultra Lite travel stroller

And, the runner-up for the best lightweight dog stroller is the Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller.

This stroller weighs lighter than the Best Pet stroller at only 9 lbs. But unlike the Best Pet stroller, its weight capacity is only up to 15 lbs.

If you have a small car and dread carrying heavy loads, the Ultra Lite stroller is for you. It’s quite compact when you fold it up and it takes seconds to assemble. It doesn’t take much space in your car’s trunk or backseat.

The handles aren’t adjustable, but it has a decent height of 38 inches. The front part of the stroller is made of breathable mesh so your pet can have a clear view. It also has a top window for pet owners to observe their pet inside with ease.

Its 6-inch wheels are large and durable enough to withstand daily use. However, they’re made of plastic and the stroller doesn’t have any suspension feature. This means it’s not advisable to use on bumpy terrain.

Like the Best Pet Posh stroller, don’t expect any extra storage, unlike other pet strollers. But with its affordable price, it’s definitely a great buy for your tiny pets.



  • Weighs only 9 lbs

  • Easy and quick to assemble

  • Budget-friendly price

  • Handle height of 38 inches


  • Can only accommodate small dogs and other pets

  • Has issues with maneuverability

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Best Dog Trailer:


Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Dog trailer

Best choice products 2 in 1 dog bike trailer the number 1 choice in dog trailers

If you’re the outdoorsy-type and love to bring your furbaby along, it’s a good idea to get a pet bike trailer. One of the top rated pet trailers is the Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer.

Its price is quite reasonable because you get two products in one.

This trailer/stroller is packed with tons of features. One of the best qualities is that it has its build quality. Its frame is made from durable steel suitable for long bike rides daily. When used as a stroller, you can adjust the handlebar to a height comfortable for you.

It also has suspension at the rear wheels. The wheels are similar to a bike’s tires making it a pretty sturdy product. The single front wheel is removable and can be attached to the trailer’s rear.

The size of this pet bike trailer might be too wide to fit through a standard door. It’s recommended to keep it in the shed or garage of your home. It weighs about 37 lbs, so it’s not that heavy compared to other pet trailers.

The material for the cabin is water-resistant. It also has a cover that you just need to roll down for weather protection. All four walls of the cabin have wide mesh windows to ensure that your pet is well-ventilated inside.

The inside has enough room for two or more small dogs not exceeding 66 lbs in total. There’s a tether that attaches to your pet’s harness or collar inside for added safety. But, it’s only good for one pet.

Despite these amazing features, it also has its downsides. When converted into a stroller, there’s a great chance of this tipping over. This is because it only has three wheels and most of the weight is at the rear wheel area.

It’s also time-consuming to assemble or fold away. You’d need to remove the tires and the handlebar if you need to store it away. Also, it only comes in a single color.




  • Made from durable steel and high-quality material

  • Convertible to a stroller

  • Connects to a bike easily

  • Includes safety features


  • Takes time to assemble

  • Only available in red

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Best Dog Trailer Runner Up:


Ibiyaya 2 in 1 Pet Stroller/Bike Trailer

Ibiyaya 2 in 1 pet bike trailer and stroller

If you have an extra $100 budget to buy a pet stroller and trailer, then Ibiyaya’s 2-in-1 product might be for you.

Compared to other 2-in-1 dog stroller and trailer, this product is really pricey. But, it’s one of the highest ranked products of its kind.

There are many reasons why Ibiyaya’s 2-in-1 stroller and trailer made to the list.

This dog trailer/stroller is comfortable for dogs and other pets given its great features. The product’s cabin is made with mesh, so your dog is well-ventilated inside. It also enables your dog to get a beautiful view outside.

A durable steel frame holds the cabin’s shape. Unlike other dog trailers and strollers, this Ibiyaya product has a rear opening. With this, you can access your pets with ease.

Like the Best Choice Products stroller/trailer, the Ibiyaya’s stroller/trailer has air-filled wheels. It’s as durable as a bike’s tire. But, it doesn’t have a suspension feature making your trips still a bit bumpy.

Its weight capacity is another reason why it’s only a runner-up in the list. It can only cater to pets that weigh up to 50lbs. Still, it’s roomy enough for small dogs to share.

Another thing that makes this stroller/trailer stand out is its quick assembly. The tires can be attached and removed in a few seconds.


  • Easy access through rear entry

  • Main frame is made from sturdy steel material

  • Includes three adjustable tethers

  • Air-filled wheels with quick snap-and-click release feature


  • Expensive price

  • Smaller capacity than other dog trailers

  • No anti-vibration feature

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Best Dog Jogger:


Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Stroller

Pet gear no-zip dog jogger and stroller

If you like taking long brisk walks but your pet isn’t healthy enough to keep up, you would need a jogger pet stroller. Pet Gear’s No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller made it on the list as the best one.

One of the key features of this jogger stroller is the no-zip entry. If you’re the type who struggles with zippers, this is a product worth considering. Instead of zippers, it has latches that are easy-locking.

This jogger stroller also has a paw rest that’s elevated. It’s paired with a wide viewing window so your dog can get a better view.

The inside of the stroller is well-ventilated with the mesh and breathable fabric. It also has a soft yet durable padding. This makes it comfortable for your pet even on hot summer days.

It also has a large compartment for pet supplies and other things. The height of the stroller is 41.5 inches and isn’t adjustable.

Pet Gear prides all of its strollers with its air ride feature. This has the same function as a car’s shocks. You can easily go through any kind of terrain which makes this a versatile jogger stroller.


  • Easy to carry and push because it’s lightweight

  • Folds and unfolds smoothly

  • Easy to maneuver

  • Durable release air wheels at 12 inches


  • Only has brakes for rear wheels

  • A bit expensive

  • Handlebar can’t be adjusted

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Best Dog Jogger Runner Up:


Aosom Elite II Jogger Stroller

Aosom Elite II Jogger stroller, our runner up in the pet jogger category

The Aosom Elite II Stroller can also be a bike trailer. But, it’s listed as a runner-up for the best dog jogger stroller because of its amazing features.

The steel frame of this jogger stroller is lightweight and sturdy. Because of this, it’s easy to push when you’re out walking or jogging. It’s also not difficult to carry around since it only weighs 37 lbs.

Another key feature is its massive rear wheels at 20 inches. The large wheels are designed to go through rough roads. Your pet would still be comfortable even when you go on bumpy roads because of its suspension feature.

You won’t have a hard time putting your dog in the cabin. Despite its large space, you also have three openings. Use whichever entrance is easy for you and your pet.

The stroller can accommodate pets up to 88 lbs. This is perfect for a large dog or about 2 small dogs. You don’t have to worry about it tipping over since it’s well-balanced.

When using the Aosom Elite II while jogging, you’ll have some pockets on both sides. It can hold your dog’s supplies or your water bottle easily. If it suddenly rains, you can easily roll down this stroller’s rain guard.


  • 20-inch rear tires

  • Doubles as a dog trailer

  • Has a suspension feature

  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Lacks interior padding

  • Expensive price

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Best Dog Stroller For Large Dogs:


Ibiyaya Large Dog Stroller

Ibiyaya dog stroller for large dogs

You may think that large dogs won’t need strollers. In some cases, they need it, too. That’s why it’s important to get a stroller that’s large enough for them to fit and be comfortable.

A large dog would mean heavier weight and not all strollers can handle that. The Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller is made with aluminum that’s aircraft-grade. This means that the stroller can accommodate dogs up to 110 lbs.

The cabin is large and comfortable for large dogs and even two medium dogs. It has two entrances – the front and rear of the cabin. The material used for the cabin also allows great ventilation for your pet. This is especially important during hot weather

Its air-filled tires are large at about 15 inches in diameter. It has safety reflectors so you can be sure that your pet is safe even at night.

Another neat feature is the large storage pocket. You can stroll with your pet without carrying anything.

But since this is a large stroller, zipping it open and close can be time-consuming. It can be more difficult if you have an active pet that can’t stay still while you’re zipping it up.

The design is also sleek and stylish. Unlike other pet strollers, the Ibiyaya Large Pet Stroller is simple yet sporty and elegant at the same time.

Storing this stroller won’t be a problem despite its large size. Once you’ve folded the stroller, it will be flat enough to store in narrow spaces. But, you still need to remove the tires. Assembling this again might take you a few minutes or so.


  • Can fit large dogs up to 110 lbs

  • Made from very durable materials

  • Wheels have a shock-absorption feature

  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Time-consuming to zip up

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Best Dog Stroller For Medium Dogs:


Gen7Pets Promenade Dog Stroller

The best dog stroller for medium dogs is the Gen7pets promenade stroller

The Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller is one of the best-built strollers for both owners and pets.

One of its notable features is the positioning of the handles. Unlike most pet strollers, the Promenade stroller allows you to push it without accidentally kicking the bottom.

The inside is large enough to fit one medium-sized dog or two small dogs. The total capacity of the stroller is up to 50 lbs. It has a removable padding that’s comfortable for your pets.

Another feature worth mentioning is the under-basket. Unlike other strollers, the Promenade stroller’s under-basket can be closed with a zipper. This ensures that your belongings won’t fall out during your strolls.

The stroller is already well-ventilated with its breathable mesh windows. If you want to give your dog more fresh air, you can open the front mesh. You can fold it under the hood.

When it comes to maneuverability, you won’t have a problem with this stroller. The front wheel can swivel at 360 degrees and the rear wheels have safety locks. This makes it easier for owners like you to go through any kind of surface.

It also has an easy-to-fold feature. A button on the handle will enable you to fold the stroller flat in just a few seconds. It’s compact and only weighs 16 lbs so you can put it in your car or store it away with ease.

However, make sure to measure your dog first before buying this stroller. Some dogs like Dachshunds may not fit inside without opening the front mesh.


  • Can give more space for pets by opening its canopy mesh

  • Handles are ergonomically positioned for larger kick space

  • Easy-to-fold feature

  • Provides extra storage for belongings


  • Dogs with longer bodies might not fit well inside

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Best Dog Stroller For Small Dogs:


Dogger Dog Stroller

Dogger dog stroller side view

Small dogs can need greater care than larger dogs. That’s why it’s important to keep them comfortable as much as possible. You may want to consider the Dogger Dog Stroller for your small dog.

The Dogger stroller is made with durable materials. From the steel frame to the breathable mesh and fabric, it may last daily use for several years.

One of the best features is the rear wheel suspension. This will allow you to go through rocky or uneven surface without your tiny pets feeling the impact. The tires also contribute to the comfort level because they’re 12 inches and air-filled.

The handles bars have a good height. But, they’re adjustable to fit most dog owners. It has an under-basket that’s easy to access.

The stroller can accommodate up to 3 small dogs and maybe even more. It can cater to dogs with up to 60 lbs of weight. You’ll get a rain cover to keep your pets dry.

However, this isn’t advisable for active pets. The carriage is shallow compared to other pet strollers. Energetic and active pets can easily jump out when the canopy is opened.


  • Rear wheel suspension

  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver

  • Comfortable even when used for multiple small pets

  • Provides extra storage for belongings


  • Depth of the cabin may be too shallow for some dogs

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