Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller Review

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If you are looking for the best pet stroller for your fury friend, make sure that you have a good look at the Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller from Best Pet.

Best Pet Posh dog stroller an Amazon best seller.
This particular model comes with everything one might need to take a stroll around town in relative comfort with your four-legged friend.It is a basic model but still has all the necessary items you need in a pet stroller.

It represents great value for the money.

Here’s what you should know about this model:

Product Dimensions

From the handle to the floor, the stroller measures a total of 33 inches, making it just tall enough to easily hold the handle without causing any strain. Normally it is recommended that the handle height be around 36 inches to ensure that it remains comfortable to push for longer journeys.

The width is 19.5 inches from one wheel to the next while the carrier interior measures 15.5 inches. The interior height is roughly 20 inches while it’s front to back measurement comes up to 21.5 inches.

Inner dimensions are 21.5″ x 15.5″ x 16.0″.

This makes this stroller suitable for small dogs and also cats.

All in all, the product is just big enough to house several cats or even two small breed dogs.

The Best Pet Posh stroller comes in a range of colors.

What We Liked About This Stroller

Light Weight

The stroller itself is lightweight even after being assembled. It only weighs 12lbs.

The frame and fabric are both made from light but durable materials, thereby making it easy for the user to haul the item around as needed.

You shouldn’t have a hard time putting it in the car or taking it out because it weighs next to nothing. In fact, there’s a good chance that your dog or cat will weigh more than this stroller.

Easy Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy with an instruction manual that is easy to understand. You can easily put the whole stroller together conveniently in a matter of minutes.

No additional items are needed in order to assemble the stroller.

There is also an online instruction video to help you if you get stuck.

Durable Fabric

The fabric used for the unit is durable and allows for the passage of a gentle breeze, thereby keeping your pampered pet comfortable even on a hot day.

The main problem with the fabric is that there’s no top or back opening. This means that you can’t see your dog and the dog can’t see you. This can be a problem for nervous dogs.

Caution, the fabric is not advertised as waterproof and thus should not be used during rainy seasons.

Durable Wheels

The wheels are small yet capable of navigating through slightly rough terrain.

Note though that they are specifically built for the ease of city life which means that they work best on concrete, paved pathways, and tiles.

Strong and small, these wheels should offer a smooth ride for your furry friend with very few bumps along the way.

Roomy Interior

The inside is wonderfully big for small breed dogs and just right for the medium breed pooches.

Both can easily lie down in the stroller or make a complete turn before flopping down and relaxing whilst watching the outdoors glide by.

The height of the opening is just right for your dog to see outside while in the sitting position.

Since the interior is roomy so you can also put additional stuff inside the carriage such as the dog’s leash, his bowl, and a bottle of water.

Weight Capacity

No specific weight capacity has been given by the manufacturer but according to users, the Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller can handle up to 40 to 50 pounds of weight.

Some users put in as much as 3 cats inside the carriage while others put in two small breed dogs at a time.

With medium breed dogs typically weighing around 50 pounds, you can easily put in a Pomeranian, a Japanese Spitz, or a Shiba Inu inside without any problems.

Variety of Colors

This stroller comes in a variety of different colors:

  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Leopard
  • Teal, and
  • Red

Protective Covering

The protective covering helps keep your dog or cat safe from the harsh rays of the sun. Ideal for pet owners who prefer to walk as the sun rises.

The covering should give ample protection for your pampered pet and keep him comfortable in his little safe space.


The wheels are easy to maneuver and glide smoothly on flat surfaces. Users are discouraged from using the stroller on the bare ground or the grass because it can get stuck in between the wheels and make movement harder.

Turns and pivots using this stroller are quick and easy, thereby giving you lots of control over the speed and direction of the product.

4-Wheel Stability

Since the model has 4-wheels, it maintains a solid center of gravity. This helps keeps your pup safe inside during those moments when you’re not moving around.

Even a frisky pup should not tip the stroller as it holds its ground with its 4 wheels.

Some Drawbacks

This Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller is the most basic in the market today.

It doesn’t come with the typical bells and whistles of the pet stroller like cup holders, undercarriage, and a mesh zipper.

Hence, if you’re the kind of pet owner who likes to bring with you all kinds of stuff while walking outdoors with your pooch, then the Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller may not be the one for you.

Who Should Use This?

The Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller is ideal for those who want to a simple dog stroller to help them better handle their pooches while outdoors.

This basic take on a pet stroller is cut and dried as it allows you to put the dog inside the basket, grab the handle, and start walking around without the need to do additional tasks.

This pet stroller works best for:

  • Pet owners who have anti-social dogs or dogs that easily become nervous while in the presence of other people or other pets
  • Pets owners with frisky pets or those that tend to walk away even with a leash
  • Pet owners with dogs that drag on their leash or aren’t used to the leash
  • Pet owners with small breed dogs that easily become tired
  • Pet owners with senior dogs that have a hard time walking
  • Cat owners hoping to give their cats a day outdoors in relative comfort.

Pet owners who have dogs or cats that tend to jump or are overly eager to jump out of their strollers are discouraged from using this particular model of Best Pet Stroller. There are other models out there that would better meet your needs.



The Best Pet Posh stroller folds easilyAll in all, the Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller is a good buy for dog owners looking for a simple and basic pet stroller to safeguard their furry friend.

Smart and simple, the product gives you exactly what you need and no more at a price that’s more than reasonable.

For its price range, the unit holds a top position in the market and should last for a long time with proper care.

The Best Pet Posh Pet Stroller gets a 3 star rating out of 5 from us.

If I was in the market for a stroller I would pay that bit extra to get a more robust stroller with more options.

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