​The 10 Top Selling Dog Strollers For 2018


Some people simply do not see the need for a dog stroller, thinking that dogs are fully capable of four-footed locomotion and often enjoy doing so. However, discerning pet owners realize that a good dog stroller can draw the line on their dog’s safety from accidents, including other dogs, unruly children, foot and wheel traffic, and other sidewalk hazards.

Strollers can also help reduce stress for dogs before and after visiting the vet, and for canines recovering from paw problems, a comfortable stroller is a godsend.

Because of the obvious advantages of dog strollers, a huge number of products ​are now available for sale.

Some pet owners may feel a little overwhelmed when looking for the ideal stroller for ​their four-legged friend. To help with that, this article will present the ten bestselling dog strollers available on Amazon.

​#10. Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

​Our entry for #10 has a no-zip function, perfect for those pet parents who frequently catch their pet’s hair in the zippers, especially if the pet is struggling to get out.

With its wide mesh view, this stroller gives the dog a ​fantastic view, making sure that it doesn’t miss​ out on the joys of nature during the walk.

The extra storage space and the tray-and-cup holders ensure that ​both you and your dog are well catered for. ​Not only can you bring along ​ food and drink, ​but your also have the luxury ​of bringing along their favorite toys and leash.

The manufacturer of the stroller also presents the option of customization, which is quite critical for those pet parents looking for a specific weight range, with the options including designs for 35 up to 150 lbs.

However, the 6” wheels are also made of plastic, which would mean that not only is it environmentally unfriendly, it would also give that extra wobble that would always make for a shakier ride.

The stroller size also seems to be made for a smaller pet owner, adding the problem of storage basket inaccessibility, requiring one to squat and reach down for that leash right before letting the dog out for its run.

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A solid design, but with its share of problems, the Pet Gear Lite Pet Stroller certainly earns its place as our number ten. Read our full review

​#9.  Flexzion Pet Stroller

With its large storage basket and cup holder, mesh cover and sun canopy, the Flexzion Pet Stroller initially seems like just any other old pet stroller. ​However, a closer inspection shows it has extra features including a front and rear entry for your dog, the corresponding front and rear ventilation ports. In the Flexzion Pet St​roller you have a good pet stroller capable of accommodating up to 30 lbs. of pet weight. This Flexion pet stroller is one of the best available in its price range It also has a very convenient one-push-to-collapse button that, in theory, allows the pet parent to collapse the stroller in seconds for storage. However, its key feature would also doom it to its biggest weakness, as such a button, after repeated use, ​inevitably begins to jam​ or malfunction​​. So now, you have a non-collapsing stroller that would soon be relegated into the back portion of your car. To add insult to injury, its plastic wheels are also not the best on the market, liable for all the wear and tear of the road and the corresponding squeaks and wobbles that would inevitably result from use.

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Not the best, but certainly not the worst, the Flexzion Pet Stroller takes spot #9.

​#8. Best Pet 3-Wheel Stroller

The next product on the list is the BestPet 3-Wheel Stroller, with the modified three-wheel structure that reputedly gives more maneuvering power and stability than the traditional four-wheel carriages. Designed to hold 30 lbs. and marked as an easy-to-fold stroller, it is perfect for small- to medium-sized pups. ​It also sports a cup holder, essential for the pet parent who wants that relaxing stroll through the park or just needs to keep their pet with them at the mall without the authorities breathing down their necks. It also comes in handy with extra carriage space, right below the carrier itself, very convenient for those who like to go on long walks​. ​This enables the ​you to bring along ​your own stash of dog food, water, and other necessities. This 3 wheel stroller has made our top 10 list of the best dog strollers As usual, it also has a mesh and a roof, although the mesh on this design is markedly smaller than previous models, and while this, in theory, gives better protection against inclement weather and wayward bugs. ​It also gives your dog a reduced view of the road. If your dog has claustrophobic tendencies and favors a wider view of the pavement, then this might cause a problem. ​For the fussy canine, the additional ground-to-carriage height might also be another problem and may cause undue stress.

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While this should not be a problem to well-adjusted pups who are used to their high carriages, some dogs simply can’t understand why they need to feel like flying when all they wanted was a walk through the park. Read our full review

​#7. Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer

Another stroller with a bicycle hitch feature, with its excellent built-in brake system and the (also built-in) bicycle hitch. That said, it has a lightweight steel frame, thus trading extra durability for weight, although at 37 lbs., it would still fall on the “lightweight” category for The Best Choice 2 in 1 bike trailer, stroller is a great choice for you and your petmost dog owners. ​It also sports a mesh screen—good to keep your dog aware of his or her surroundings while allowing for smells and sounds to keep your canine occupied. The low carriage-to-ground height is also a plus that can reduce doggy stress when out for a ride.

Everything about this stroller screams of safety: the brake system. ​This is an excellent feature for dog owners living in hilly areas, where momentum, given half a chance, can turn a relaxing stroll into a stressful nightmare. Another feature that marks this as a really safe buy is the safety flag, optimized for visibility in all but the lowest visibility spectrum one might choose to stroll in. And yet, for something designed for the very purpose of being safe, this product neglects one very important feature: balance. Yes, that’s right, it lacks enough ballast to keep it rock steady while in speed, especially if your dog is a restless one. Specifically, the stroller lacks crucial counterbalancing weight on the front part, meaning, if your dog decides to literally take the back seat, the stroller risks getting toppled over, especially if the owner (for some reason) has left it momentarily unattended. While not necessarily a lethal flaw, it is the one thing that kept this product from being perfect. Guess we can’t have everything in life, now, can we?

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Still, a great buy overall, with nice features and extra durability. One cannot go wrong with the brake systems in place that is sure to keep your pet contented on your walks. Read our full review

​#6. BestPet Posh Pet Stroller

The Best Pet Posh stroller is a good choice for a lightweight stroller for your pupOn the #6 spot, we have the BestPet Posh Pet Stroller. With its transparent mesh cover and the cup-holder on the handlebar, it is the perfect dog stroller for the pet-parent who loves relaxing walks through the park. The transparent mesh comes as a plus, considering the strollers low carriage-to-ground height, which should considerably lessen any stress for dogs that hate the sense of vertigo associated with moving in high strollers. ​

The mesh also allows the passenger pet to relax and take in the view (and smells) as its owner parades it around like royalty even as the cover protects its passenger from inclement weather or just the hot sun. The stroller itself can accommodate up to 25 lbs. of pet dog, making it suitable for smaller dogs. Lightweight and easy to assemble, this stroller is ideal for dogs that often grow tired in mid-walk, as it allows the pet-parent to assemble it quickly and give the canine the opportunity to enjoy the walk with its human even after growing too tired to actually walk on its four paws.

However, its small wheels are not truly suited for rougher terrain. While it can function on unpaved roads, pet comfort will certainly not be optimal and it will considerably lessen the product’s active lifespan. Carrying capacity for extra dog food and water is, unfortunately, nil, and the stroller’s size also means that it is not suited for bigger dogs.

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​Overall a good product despite its few shortcomings, the BestPet Posh Pet Stroller is a good choice for shorter walks on paved terrain, an ideal stroller for the pet-parent who likes to relax and take sips of juice while airing their canine best friend like the good dog it is. Read our review

​#5. Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer

Next up on the list is the Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer, and with its signature universal bike hitch, this is one stroller recommended for dog owners who love their wheels. The Solvit Houndabout is a good bike trailer, pet stroller ​With its rust-proof aluminum frame and sunroof, this stroller is suitable for a wide variety of weather. Plus, that aluminum structure makes for an easily collapsible and lightweight skeleton. Its wide wheel base also guarantees a stable and comfortable ride. ​With its multiple utility pockets (excellent for storing extra munchies and water), this trailer/stroller is a good choice for long bike rides.

More utility features include a removable doggy cushion that can easily be cleaned, and an adjustable safely leash to ensure that your canine friend will stay within the carriage at all times—an essential when the trailer is moving at high speed and your dog’s canine brain decides that it is a good time to jump out. Designed to accommodate 110 lbs. of doggy, this is a good trailer/stroller for adventure-loving dog parents.

It just has two issues: one, the carriage needs better bottom support to keep it from sagging, especially under heavier dogs. This can be remedied by placing a shaped piece of plywood at the bottom to provide the support. The second issue is that the stroller conversion kit is sold separately, spelling woe (or at least, an additional expenditure) for those who don’t love bikes as much. ​These issues are offset by an exemplary customer support center which ensures replacement parts and adjustments are all easily available online.

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All in all, a choice stroller/trailer for those who love terrain more rugged than your regular pavement, this is one stroller for those who love to bring their dogs to adventurers on wheels. Read our review here

​#4. VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller

VIVO 3 wheel stroller is good value for money for a light weight dog strollerRight on #4, we have the VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller, with its large mouth basket and easy-to-access zipper system​. This stroller is good for fussy pets that are new to the stroller. ​Some pets ​are understandably afraid of the big black thing that looks like a mouth about to swallow them. ​

That said, older pets with more knowledge of the broad, big world should pose no worries. ​Once your younger dog settles in, the wide view provided by the weather-protecting and bug-proof mesh should give them all the sights and smells they would wish to see. The large mouth zipper system is also a great feature. ​This ​enables you plenty of opportunity to scoop up your pet for introductions, much to the envy of your friends and family.

Built for a capacity of 30 lbs., this easy-to-collapse stroller also has that very handy extra storage utility, as always, enabling the pet parent to carry the little necessities for that extra mile. Besides, one can never truly know when one might need a little extra supply, right? That aside, some people, especially those with smaller hands and an inclination towards more willowy body builds (and lesser brute strength) might find it hard to collapse the stroller all in one go.

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Another feature which may bother your dog is the additional height, as this would stress the more fretful dogs, who will constantly feel that vertigo during the walks. While this may take some getting used to, it would be hard to go wrong with the VIVO Three-wheeler, an excellent buy on any day of the month. Click here to read our full review

​#3. Paws & Pals 3 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller

​Among the top three in the stroller world, we have the Paws & Pals 3 Wheeler, also with the Elite Jogger Pet Stroller part. Honestly, there is not many flaws to be found in this pet stroller and depending on the lifestyle of the ​owner, this might just be the perfect bargain. Number 3 in our list of the top ten dog strollers is this 3 wheel stroller by VIVO ​It has plenty of features. Security-wise, it sports a rear-wheel brake system that is useful for sloping neighborhoods.

It has a seat belt leash perfect for that panicky (or just plain adorable and wiggly) puppy​. It is designed to enable the pet parent to hold the stroller using one hand, freeing the other hand. Such as a sip of some fresh drink, or simply waving at other joggers and proclaiming your dog to be an “elite jogger pet” as the product name suggests. And if that is not elite enough, one look at the double cup-holder feature should convince any buyer that this stroller is, indeed, made for the elite dog and its pet parent. It also has that increasingly essential extra storage, perfect for storing whatever royal trophies and treats your dog may wish to bring, to the envy of other, lesser canines.

And finally, its superfine mesh protects your ​fur baby from those nasty insects while providing a bit of a shade. It also gives those oh-so-satisfying extra-fine views that define royalty from the less-refined dogs who can hardly see through all that heavy mesh. It also permits the finer scents of the neighborhood, allowing your pampered pup to enjoy all that is good in life. ​Anyway, one cannot always have everything in life, and as a result of the pampered royal lifestyle intended for this stroller.

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While it is a good stroller it trades away some features that would have made it suitable for extra-rugged adventures, with smaller wheels that would make any ride on unpaved ground a bumpy ride indeed. Click here to read our review

​#2. Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller

The antithesis of the Paws & Pals “Elite” Jogger Stroller, the Pet Gear Ultra Lite Travel Stroller is the dream stroller for the rugged, adventure loving dog. With its lightweight, easy-to-assemble, easier-to-fold structure, this bad boy can quickly go from that extra luggage in ​your car, to that Rough Rider’s saddle that can take on any terrain.

Its four size-6” air tires enable a sweeter ride over the rough terrain than most strollers can simply afford. Equipped with a no-zip technology, it also ensures that no annoying zipper will snag on hairs and other free body parts, even as the owner struggles to put that dog inside the stroller. ​But just because your dog is rugged does not mean that he cannot enjoy creature comforts.

The stroller comes with a super-wide mesh view that gives the resident canine a panoramic view of the rough road ahead.Number two on our list of the top ten pet strollers is the Pet gear Travel Lite stroller Cushions inside the carrier ensure that the bumps and scrapes become nothing more than nudges of adventure. The wide weather cover ensures that, unlike the poor human who must push his pet dog, the resident canine is protected from the worst of inclement weather.

And, unlike anything so far, this stroller also comes with an option to customize it, including that crucial weight limit, ranging from the diminutive 15 lbs. range to the larger 70 lbs. range, ensuring that even the bigger doggies can get that super cool ride.

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In fact, this stroller is so hardcore that it has trouble running on more normal routes, at least for some people. Issues have been reported of some difficulties with the front tires on pavement, ​creting a wobbling motion that is hard on​ your arms when pushing it. ​

​#1. VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

And finally, we arrive at the pinnacle of the best selling dog strollers, to find the VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller reigning as king/queen of the stroller heap. So far, this product has been flawless, if one were to ​scratch off minor difficulties as problems on the part of the delivery (and the customer’s inability to follow the clear box instructions). The best pet stroller is the VIVO 4 wheel pet stroller

With its four large wheels guaranteeing comfort, it is​ VIVO’s response to the rugged Pet Gear Ultra Lite Stroller and the posh Paws & Pals “Elite” Jogger Stroller. It has an extra-large compartment capable of carrying a maximum of 30 lbs. of pet weight, multiple doors, including a floor-door for easy ​access of that antsy pet eager ​to get out for a quick run.​

An easy to open canopy ready to flick open at a moment’s notice for that cute selfie or just the envy of other pet-less people who can’t help but stare at your cute fur ball as you hold him or her up to the sun. Its easily collapsible structure, cup holder, and extra storage utility hints towards a relaxed lifestyle, with its unhurried pace as you stroll and take in the relaxing scenery, tempered by an occasional sip from some cool beverage as you peruse the sights around you.

Your dog enjoys the view with you, guaranteed by that extra-wide mesh port that filters all but the best of things in the air. Truly, the most normal lifestyle reigns supreme for your dog, beating out the rugged and the elegant. This stroller stands testimony to that, giving your dog the best deals out of the wide realm of pet strollers.

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​And there you have it: the ten best selling strollers, all available on Amazon, with their features presented and their flaws analyzed.

Tips on Choosing Your Dog Stroller

But before you go, here are some tips to help the good dog-owner choose the best dog stroller for their best friend:

1. Stroller Size

When choosing a stroller, you must keep in mind how large (or small) your pet dog is. Remember to measure your dog in both upright and seated position to ensure that your pet has plenty of space to relax in, whatever the position it may choose.

Extra care must be given in choosing your stroller if your dog is still a puppy, especially if you plan to use the dog stroller well into its adulthood. Make sure that you give ample allowance in choosing stroller size. Knowledge of your dog’s breed and its maximum growth size will play a key role in determining this factor.

Also, if you plan to take on more than one dog on an excursion, plan on a stroller size that will allow both enough room to rest in varying postures even when the stroller’s cover is buttoned up.

2. Location

Choose the type of wheels to suit the terrain you will be traversing. If you plan to have your excursions in woods or unpaved paths, choose a lightweight stroller with good mobility. Knobby tires often help keep your pet comfortable even in rough terrain, and a sturdy undercarriage will also help keep the whole stroller stable. This is not too much of a problem if you plan on jogging on concrete pathways.

Another consideration to keep in mind is the grade or steepness of the slope. Be sure to evaluate the grade of your route and plan accordingly in order to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

3. Weather

Strollers often come with top covers that can be zipped or buttoned up. In times of inclement weather, rainproof exteriors would be a huge bonus. The top cover feature should also ensure that you will always have an option to keep your dog secured inside the stroller should the need arise.

Additionally, if you plan on longer excursions, such as hiking or a picnic, make sure that you purchase a stroller with cargo capacity for food and water, which will leave both your hands free to push the stroller in comfort. This will also enable you to store other necessities, such as a leash or waste bags, without compromising too much of your own comfort.

And, as always, the wise consumer checks the product reviews before even considering the purchase. Contacting the product’s manufacturer will also enable you to ask about the stroller’s warranty and its standards of safety. Lastly, don’t neglect to ask your veterinarian’s opinion on the stroller and its possible effects on the health of your dog.

​That’s it for Bestselling Dog Strollers on Amazon. Here’s hoping that you get the best pick for your dog and your budget!