Affordable Pet Bicycle Trailer By Booyah

Booyah Strollers has been around for many years (9 in fact). They focus on building sturdy strollers that can turn into trailers, allowing pet owners to bring their dogs on biking adventures. Such is the concept of a Booyah pet bicycle trailer.

They’ve produced both baby and bike trailers but are more known for their pet trailers. Today, Booyah has become one of the most well-loved brands in its niche.

This trailer comes in three sizes Small, Medium and Large

A versatile and affordable pet trailer and stroller from Booyah products

Features Of The Booyah Pet Stroller/Trailer

Each Booyah pet bicycle trailer comes with some unique features, more particularly the large pet stroller and trailer but, their pet trailers sport the following features as standard:

  • The front wheels have pneumatic tires.
    This refers to air-filled rubber tires that you can re-fill just like any bicycle wheel.
  • Rear wheels feature spring suspension which allows smoother rides over rougher roads.
    This makes it easier to use the stroller for the outdoors or even for taking your pet on hiking or camping trips.
  • There is a built-in protective mesh for the pet’s safety and security.
  • The mesh has built-in reflectors and a 3-layer sunroof.
    This allows pet owners to choose how much air or light comes through.
  • The interior includes a leash to hook your pet unto.
  • There’s a front opening for entrance and a side window for viewing.
  • The compartment and storage pockets are made of polyester.


  • All frames and components are made of aluminum.


  • It can be easily folded for storage.


  • Dual purpose — it can be used as a stroller or a bike trailer.


  • Releasing the wheels for attaching as a trailer is simply achieved by the push of a button.
  • It comes with bike arm and bike hitch.


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Generally, pet trailers come in different sizes to accommodate all types of dogs.

Booyah provides pet trailers categorized as small, medium and large pet trailers.

However, not all products they have are dual-purpose.

Certain features are unique to each pet trailer size which means those found in the large pet trailer may not be available for the small pet trailer, and so on.

Small Booyah Pet Trailer

Booyah pet trailers for small animals are usually not convertible to strollers.

The small pet trailer can only accommodate up to 10 lbs of weight with an interior dimension of:

  • 21 inches long
  • 15 inches wide
  • 14 inches high.

It has basic features and is generally lightweight and has a slimmer build than its medium and large counterparts. While it doesn’t have the sunroof feature found in the large pet trailer, the small pet trailer still has a well ventilated mesh.

The small Booyah pet trailer cannot be customized with larger accessories like a storage rack or organizer.

The Booyah bike trailer comes in different sizes so there is one just right for your pet

Medium Pet Stroller and Trailer

For dogs weighing 40 lbs below, Booyah offers their medium pet stroller and trailer. Unlike the small pet trailer, it can act as both stroller and trailer, and provides an interior dimension of:

  • 26 inches long
  • 18 inches wide
  • 18 inches high.

With the trailer arm out its outer dimension measures:

  • 46 inches long
  • 26 inches wide
  • 37 inches high.

The front wheel measures at 12 inches and the back wheels feature suspension, like all Booyah pet trailers. With the press of a button, this medium sized stroller can be compacted and has a folded size of:

  • 28 inches long
  • 22 inches wide
  • 7 inches high.

The medium pet trailer by Booyah, sports a sun roof form which allows owners to have a line of sight to their pet even while on stroller mode. This pet stroller type can also be equipped with a utility rack, organizer and/or cup holder tray.

Large Pet Stroller and Trailer

The large pet stroller and trailer can accommodate pets weighing 88 lbs and under.

It has an interior space of 32L x 24W x 21H inches. The outer dimension measures at

  • 50 inches long
  • 33.5 inches wide
  • 39 inches high , making it a fairly bulky pet stroller and trailer.

Unlike the medium and small pet trailer counterparts, the large pet stroller and trailer by Booyah boasts its Manual Brake feature. Instead of a hand brake at the handle bar it puts the brake by the wheel. This provides some relief for owners who find it difficult to have to push down on the handle bar, when in stroller mode, to hit the brakes.

The manual brake system by the wheel also eliminates the need for extra wiring which will be problematic when switching to trailer mode. This also allows owners to remove the handle bar completely. That means no need to deal with the extra weight and space when in trailer mode.

The wheels are also set further back to better accommodate the heavier passenger and to prevent the stroller/trailer from tipping over. In addition to that, the swivel or front wheel is lockable and the hitch and trailer arm swings out from beneath the compartment.

The large model of the Booyah pet trailer can carry pets weighing up to 88lbs

The Booyah pet stroller/trailer is easy to fold away and store

The Booyah Pet Stroller/Trailer easily folds away for storage

PROS and CONS of the Booyah Pet Trailer

To further explore what a Booyah pet bicycle trailer can offer here is a list of notable advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore its features on certain categories:


Unlike most pet trailers, a Booyah pet trailer does not connect to the bike’s frame but to the axle, which saves the paint from wearing off. But the main advantage of it is that it provides a much better balance while riding a bicycle. Since it’s placed center behind the bike and attaches itself to the bike, and not on the wheel, it cruises closely with minimal swerving.

Maneuvering it as a stroller is easy, there’s hardly any resistance or steering problems. It pushes just as smoothly as it pulls when it’s a trailer.

Another notable feature is the rear wheel suspension. It definitely provides smoother travelling and, whether you’re strolling through the outdoors or biking along cracked pavements in the city, the Booyah trailer will cushion the ride for the pet’s comfort and the owner’s.

Sturdiness and Build

Most three-wheeled strollers and trailers have front wheels that are attached by one corner unto a swivelling pivot at the front. Booyah pet strollers and trailers have their front wheel attached to a pivot that is supported from two front corners. The triangular support makes the attachment more solid, providing better weight bearing and less chance of the entire things to roll over.

Size, Weight and Storage Space

The stroller is easy to put together and fold up with just the push of a button. With all the preparations required when taking your pet along with you, putting together and putting away a Booyah stroller/trailer consumes the least time and effort. It’s easy to appreciate the convenience the trailer provides.

The large pet trailer by Booyah provides more interior space than most pet trailers of its size. This in itself is both good and bad. Good because it does provide more space for comfort, especially for heavier or larger dogs. However, it’s not as comfortable for the pet owners who will have to deal with its bulky size. It’s noticeably heavier to push or pull along as a trailer but that is the price for wider inner space.


In trailer mode, the zippered opening at the back is blocked by the stroller wheel which makes the storage difficult to access. For some pets, this opening may act as a back door, and becomes difficult to access during the trailer mode. It’s not a big disadvantage, given that there are other areas of access, but for convenience’s sake and pet happiness this can be a peeve.

The handle is easily adjustable, a feature normally found in baby strollers but not in some pet strollers.

The Booyah pet stroller and trailer is a very affordable pet trailerfrom Amazon


If you’re searching for a pet stroller that’s reliable and worth every penny, the Booyah Pet Bicycle Trailer is worth looking into.

Undoubtedly, pet owners will prefer a stroller that can turn into a trailer instead of buying two separate ones.

With Booyah providing a smooth-steering, well-built trailer that can withstand rough roads and provide convenience for the pet owner, there’s very little reason to look elsewhere.