Dog Jogger Strollers

Jogging Strollers

​​Jogger strollers  for dogs are robust and specifically designed for the rigors of running.​ They can easily be identified by their larger wheels.

They also tend to be 3 wheel strollers as these are easier to manage when you are on the run.

Some can fit dogs up to 100 pounds, so they’re quite roomy. Make sure to choose a sturdy, durable stroller for when you are running. These strollers tend to be all terrain and very versatile.​​You can also use a large stroller if you’re traveling with two or more dogs at once.​

Do You Need A Jogging Stroller For You Dog?

​Many people are into running and face a decision whether they leave their pet at home or to take them with them on their daily run.

If ​you want to take ​your dog for a ​run, is it going to keep up? Will it tire out and slow you down?

​Jogging strollers are an ideal solution for people in this situation. ​One big advantage of jogging strollers for dogs is that, not only are they suitable for running/jogging, ​many ​are also ruggedly designed for the outdoors and can be taken to places that are rough and dirty. ​

Jogging strollers for your dog give your the versatility of a stroller to take your dog shopping or to the park and they can also be used on your daily run so your fur baby can come along with you.

​Love your exercise but you don’t want to lose any precious time with your pet slowing you up? Then you need a jogging stroller. When you want to jog with friends, or on your own, you could take your pets out with you in the stroller.

​What Type Of Jogging Stroller Is The Best

​There are several jogging pet strollers that are suitable for outdoor exercises.

There is two or three-wheel jogging stroller that comes with a leash, which protects the dog from falling out.

There are other kinds of dog stroller perfect for bicycles, they serve as a trailer for your bike, but quickly convert to a stroller for your jog.

Pick a stroller that suits your outdoor exercise.

​What To look For In A Jogging Stroller For Your Dog

  • ​A quality jogging stroller, should have robust zippers that allow you to easily put your pet in or take them out as necessary. We particularly like the Pet Gear No Zip for this ease of access as they secure by clips that can be opened and closed one handed.
  • Make sure the stroller is large enough to easily fit your dog. Your pet needs some room to be able to move around and get comfortable. Strollers suitable for dogs 30-60lbs are normally sufficient unless you have a larger dog.
  • 3 wheeled strollers are best suited for jogging/running
  • Protective covers and mesh inserts to allow you dog to see and to breathe easily

Our Top 3 Picks – Best Jogger Stroller

  1. Pet Gear No Zip Jogger

  2. Sepnine 2 in 1 Dog Jogger / Trailer

  3. Best Choice Products 2 in 1 Dog Jogger / Trailer