Picking The Best Dog Trailer for Your Dog

Read our guide on the things that you must consider when choosing a dog trailer for your favorite pet. Once you have read this guide then check out our reviews of the dog trailers available for your pet.

Dogs are fun to be with when you go biking or go on trips with your family. Dogs’ love to be in your company and that of your family every chance they get. But, sometimes you will need to leave your dog behind, particularly if your are going for a bike ride.

With a dog trailer, you can take your dog with you and they can enjoy the ride with you and your family as you enjoy a pleasant ride. What you need is to have a dog bike trailer that is right for you and your dog. To buy the bike trailer that matches your needs and preference, you need information to guide your purchase.

Selecting the right pet trailer for your bike

Choosing The Right Dog Bike Trailer

When going for a stroll or a bike ride, you would want a pet trailer which can accommodate and secure your dog. Therefore, you need to check and compare features so you will arrive at an informed decision in buying the best pet trailer.

Size and Weight capacity

If you have a small dog then the Sepnine dog trailer for small dogs is right for yourTrailers come in small, medium or large sizes depending on the size of your dog. An important consideration in choosing a dog trailer is the safety and comfort of your dog. You will take the fun out of your bike ride if your dog feels confined in the dog trailer and you worry about an agitated dog.

Know the trailer’s capacity and its internal dimensions and match this with the size of your dog. A comfortable dog trailer is one with enough space for your dog to sit, stand, curl or turn around.

If you are not sure of your dog’s size and weight, manufacturers provide their trailers with detailed guide and charts on how to measure your dog.


Intended use

Your purpose in acquiring a dog trailer is an important consideration when choosing the best dog trailer. Are you going to use the dog trailer for weekend rides? Do you plan to use it on trail rides or long distance trips? Knowing your purpose will determine the type of trailer you need.

Some manufacturers design their trailers for alternative purposes, therefore adding relative value to the dog trailer. For instance, there are trailers that you can disconnect from the bike and use it as a stroller. A dog stroller is useful where bikes are not allowed or are inappropriate.

Design and Construction

Choose a dog bike trailer that is well-designed and constructed for stability and durability. A durable and stable dog trailer can withstand Best Choice products 2 in 1 dog trailerrougher terrain compared to poorly-constructed pet trailers.

Check the wheels that are robust with high-quality connectors and fasteners. If you own a dog that is over 80 lbs, you need a wide wheel base. The wide base of the wheel could limit your access; but, it enables you to overcome snags and bumps from obstacles in rough terrains. Don’t forget to check if you have enough clearance if you plan to bike on rough trails.

Most dog owners prefer a dog trailer made of aluminum. Aluminum frames are durable and light, which makes it perfect for long bike rides. A heavy dog trailer could slow down your pace when biking. Some dog owners find that with a heavy weight trailer, they need to take a break or let the dog out of the trailer and jog along with their dogs.

If you own two dogs, you may want to look into trailers that feature dividers. A divider will accommodate your dogs while keeping them separated.

Safety Equipment

Inspect for safety equipment that goes with the dog trailer. Knowing that safety equipment is in place gives you the assurance that your dog is safe when you go on a bike trail.

Reflectors give you the advantage in low light conditions as these make you visible to motorists and other cyclists.
Safety flags increases your visibility. These flags are attached to long poles and extend above the trailer.
Secure your dog with a leash tie or D-ring. The tie prevents your dog from moving too much in the trailer or runs off when something happens, like spilling.
Parking brakes prevents the trailer from rolling when you load and unload your dog.

Cleaning and storage

The Sepnine dog trailer easily converts to a jogger/stroller for your dogYou can expect your dog to make a mess in your trailer during bike rides. Check the interior of the trailer for a removable floor and covers. A floor which you can remove makes it easy to clean the trailer’s interior.

You would want to choose a trailer that is easy to fold and occupies minimal space when storing. Check the manual if assembling and removal of parts are simple and easy to follow and will take only a few minutes of your time.


You might think it is easy to buy a dog bike trailer. Without comparing dog trailers, picking the best dog bike trailer can be a headache. You need to match several factors that would meet your needs and give you the best experience with your dog.