Dogger Dog Stroller Review

Have you ever wanted to go on walks with your dog but ended up worrying about your pet’s safety? Does your dog have trouble walking?

Have you tried going anywhere with your dog and found it uncomfortable to move around?

Dogger pet stroller suitable for running or jogging. Rugged and versatile
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you might be interested in the Dogger Dog Stroller.

This dog stroller features a sturdy frame, several high-quality features, and delivers the optimum convenience for both you and your pet.

Here are the reasons why the Dogger Dog Stroller is considered by many pet owners as “the SUV of dog strollers”.

Features of the Dogger Dog Stroller

  • Real Rear Suspension and Brake System
    Not all dog strollers are built the same. Some, especially the cheap and off-brand ones, lack rear suspension. This results to a bumpy ride and can be uncomfortable and even painful for your pet.What sets the Dogger from other strollers is that it is equipped with real rear suspension, providing your dog a smooth ride regardless of any cracks, bumps, or obstacles in your path. There is also a rear brake system that you can easily access in case of a sudden stop.
  • All-Terrain Tires
    Unlike other strollers, the Dogger Dog Stroller does not use plastics masquerading as “tires”. These are real 2-inch thick air-filled tires. Because of this, the Dogger can easily move through any type of terrain, whether it’s concrete, sand, or grass.With this stroller, you and your pet no longer has to stick to paved roads or sidewalks. You can even go hiking and bring your pets with you, as the Dogger moves through ATV trails effortlessly.
Dogger stroller rear view showing suspension system

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  • Spacious Basket with Foldable Front and Safety Clips
    The Dogger Dog Stroller features a roomy carriage (27” L x 13.5″ W x 20″ H) that can fit multiple small dogs at the same time. It also comes with a soft pad for your pet’s added comfort. The basket also has mesh windows for maximum visibility.This dog stroller was designed with injured and older dogs in mind. Hence, the basket is made to sit higher up than most strollers to provide your dog with a good view of the outdoors.The basket’s front is also foldable, so your pets can easily reach and climb up inside. If you have a small dog, a senior pet, or a pup with a hip or leg problem, this foldable front basket feature is a big advantage for them.As for your pet’s safety, there are two safety clips inside the basket. The straps are long enough so you can restrain your dogs to prevent them from jumping forward but the straps won’t lock your pet in an uncomfortable position. Plus, opening and closing the safety straps are straight-forward; no more fiddling around trying to figure out which goes where.
  • 360-Degree Swiveling Front Wheel with Lock
    Another favorite feature by Dogger Dog Stroller owners is the 360-degree swiveling front wheel. This provides you with great handling and maximum maneuverability, allowing you and your dog to move around corners smoothly.Unlike other strollers with limited front wheel swivel, you will never have to experience annoying hard turns. You can also lock the front wheel in place if you want to take a rest from walking.
  • Foldable Canopy with Removable Panels
    The Dogger Dog Stroller also comes with a foldable canopy. It also has zippers, so you can easily remove the canopy for days when you want your dog to enjoy the sun.For added security, there are Velcro strips attached at the front, back, and sides of the canopy to prevent your pet from fleeing.The Dogger Dog Stroller also includes a clear rain cover that you can put on top of the canopy to keep your dog dry inside.
  • Adjustable Hand Bars
    The best thing about the Dogger Dog Stroller is that it is not only designed for the pet’s comfort and safety, but it also takes the owner’s ease of usage into consideration. The adjustable handle bar is designed to be ergonomic and practical. Whether you are a short or tall person, you can easily modify the bar’s height to your level of comfort.
  • Underneath Storage
    Another unique feature of the Dogger is its underneath storage. The spacious storage at the bottom can be used for storing your pet’s toys and snacks. It’s versatile, accessible, and secure at the same time.
  • Optional Accessories
    The Dogger Dog Stroller also offers optional accessories such as a drink holder, an orthopedic pad, and safety lights. All additional accessories are sold separately.

What We Liked – the Dogger Dog Stroller

What We Didn’t Like

  • Comfort for You and Your Dog
    This dog stroller was created for senior and injured dogs, which is why the Dogger places top priority on comfort and durability. You can travel worry-free knowing that your pet is safe and sound in this stroller. It doesn’t get knocked down easily, it’s highly steerable, and you can put your dog in and out of the basket hassle-free.The Dogger is also user-friendly. The drink holder is highly recommended especially if you always bring water or coffee. It also has enough space to stash your phone, keys, and even your dog’s poop bag.
  • Durable and Lightweight
    The Dogger Dog Stroller is proudly made in Canada. It only uses high-quality materials and none of those flimsy knockoff supplies. This stroller is built to last with its lightweight aluminum frame, all-terrain tires, and suspension. You need not worry about finding a replacement part.The whole stroller weighs 24 lbs. with all three wheels attached and the basket can hold up to 60 lbs.
  • Foldable and Easy to Assemble
    The only assembly required on the Dogger Dog Stroller is putting the wheels on and removing them is just as easy. Plus, the whole stroller can be folded to fit most car trunks and it snaps back effortlessly when in use.

  • 2-Year Warranty and Quality Customer Service
    The Dogger Dog Stroller offers a long-term coverage for two years on all frame-related parts. In addition, the company’s customer service is always available and helpful. If you have any questions, their customer service replies to emails right away.
  • Price
    Some may consider the price tag a bit high, but it is a good investment. Paying a few extra bucks for a high-quality product that lasts a long time will save you money and effort in the long run.
  • Shallow Basket
    While some pet owners prefer their pets being able to lie down and look out of their basket, others may prefer for them to be tucked inside.If you belong to the latter, the Dogger’s shallow basket can be a slight turnoff. But considering all the other features and benefits, a shallow basket can be excusable.
Dogger pet stroller suitable for off road as well as running with your pet

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There are many advantages in using a dog stroller. From helping older dogs or dogs with mobility issues to letting your pet take a break from walking, a dog stroller is a versatile and safe means of transport.

While there are many types of dog strollers currently available in the market, none comes close to what the Dogger Dog Stroller has to offer. With this pet stroller, you will never have to leave your dog behind again.