Product Review: Gen7Pets Regal Pet Stroller

 A pet stroller makes it easier to bring your furry friends with you for activities, such as errands and long walks.

You might have a pet who can’t keep up with you, and can only manage to walk in short distances. Instead of leaving them at home, you can give them a ride on the stroller. A pet stroller is especially handy for animals who are old, sick, or injured, allowing them to get fresh air and sunshine despite their health issues. With strollers, you also avoid having to carry them around for long periods of time.

The Gen7Pets Regal Pet Stroller is a quality, lightweight, and portable stroller for small dogs up to 25lbs.

Good quality and affordable, this lightweight Gen7Pets Regal pet stroller is ideal for small dogs


The Gen7Pets Regal stroller is ideal for small dogs

Portable and lightweight this pet stroller is an affordable option when searching for a dog stroller

What to Look For When Choosing A Dog Stroller

Pet strollers are not cheap so you have to make sure that the stroller you choose is one that is good for your pet. To decide this you generally have to consider the following factors:

  • Pet size
    How big and how heavy is your pet? Make sure that they fit snugly in the stroller.

    Check that the stroller can hold their weight. Your pets may become irritable and anxious if they don’t feel comfortable.

  • Number of pets
    There are pet strollers that can carry more than one animal. They are equipped with extra leash attachments, and made from durable material. Some models have multiple compartments if your pets prefer to have their individual space.
  • Intended use
    Accessories and other bells and whistles on the stroller should depend on how you intend to use it.

    There are strollers which convert into carriers, car seats, or bike trailers. If you’re just going to need one for walking around the neighborhood, then a basic model might already serve you well.

  • Terrain
    Consider the surfaces where the stroller will pass. Bigger and tougher wheels can safely maneuver rough and rocky terrain. Basic stroller are meant for the sidewalk or around the city, they might not be sturdy enough to be used on unpaved surfaces.
Now, let’s take a look at one of the highest-rated pet strollers on Amazon today – the Gen7Pets Regal pet stroller.

The Gen7Pets Regal Stroller

Gen7Pets Regal Stroller is lightweight, compact, and portable. It has a three-wheel configuration traditionally found in larger and more expensive models. It offers a smooth, comfortable ride for your dogs and cats.

Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Main Features Of The Regal Dog Stroller

  • Capacity
    This stroller can carry animals weighing under 25 lbs.

    The pet compartment is

    • 22 inches long x
    • 11 inches wide x
    • 21.5 Inches high.
  • Given its carrying capacity and dimension, it can hold cats and small dogs. It has ample space for a single animal. It will most likely fit a Shih Tzu, Terrier, Pug, Bichon Frise and other dog breeds of similar size. It can probably hold a pair of kittens, puppies, or very small dogs, such as Chihuahuas and Pomeranians.

    The interior has two adjustable safety tethers to restrain your pet. The pet compartment is also enclosed by a hidden steel bar, which keeps them from falling over.

  • Mobility
    The convertible front wheels can do a 360-degree swivel. This makes the stroller easy to turn and maneuver on smooth surfaces.

    On rough terrain, the front wheels lock in place so you can move towards a steady direction. The wheels are also equipped with shock absorbers to give your pets a smooth and bump-free ride. Brakes are located on the rear wheels to keep the stroller in place, when you stop.

  • Style
    Gen7 Regal Stroller has a sleek and compact design. It is very light at only 11.5 lbs., and you can also fold it flat for easy storage. It’s easy to carry around and put away.

    The design comes in three cute color themes to match you and your pet’s personalities. You can choose among Starry Night, Raspberry Sorbet, and Gray Shadow.

This versatile lightweight stroller is just the right size to suit most small dogs


Regal pet stroller dimensions

An affordable stroller for small dogs and puppies


An ideal pet stroller for small dogs and puppies

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This pet stroller comes in a range of colors to suit your needs


Great combination of style, features and price.

Special Features For The Regal Pet Stroller

 This stroller has special features that are cleverly designed with the pets and owners in mind.

  • Canopy
    The stroller has a retractable canopy to provide your pet shade and protection from the elements. The canopy folds under a specialized hood and not into the pet’s space.

    Mesh windows and skylights surround the pet compartment, providing ventilation to the interiors. The mesh also allows your pet to see their surroundings, and prevent them from feeling constrained. At the same time, they make your pets visible to you from the outside.

  • Handlebar
    The handle is angled at 38 degrees for easy reach. It is configured to provide enough kick space for you to walk or run at any pace. It’s also foam-cushioned for a comfortable and tight grip.
  • Extra Storage
    There’s a built-in basket under the pet compartment. It can store water bottles, treats, dog toys, extra shirts, or anything that you need to bring. A rear zipper is used to access this storage space.

    There’s also a pouch and back pocket located behind the pet compartment for small items, such as your cellphone and keys. A parent tray can also be installed on the handle to hold coffee cups or snacks.

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  • Easy to assemble.
    There are no tools required because everything you need is in the box.
  • Lightweight
    The lightweight and foldable design will save you space at home or in your car. It’s also convenient to bring when you’re traveling.
  • Quality design and materials
    Although it is light and compact, you can tell that the stroller is well-made and the materials are sturdy. It can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The zippers open and close easily. There are also no loose threads or holes at the sections where different fabrics meet.
  • Mesh skylight
    Because of the mesh skylight on the canopy, you can easily peek inside to check how your pet is doing.
  • Great design
    The meshed enclosure makes sure that fur baby is comfortable and cosy, yet with plenty of fresh air. The stroller’s design allows plenty of space to take long strides without hitting the back of the stroller.

  • Comfortable
    The shock absorbers make sure that bumps on the road won’t disturb your four-legged friend.
  • Storage space
    You can just go out without bringing a bag. The zippered compartments offer storage for all your incidentals.

 A cute stroller with a cute pet inside is definitely a head turner. Many people will find this adorable.


  • Only for small pets
    Even though the stroller is sturdy, it’s not advisable to overload it. Unfortunately, it can only fit small dogs. In that sense, it is not ideal for all pets.
  • Only for paved or smooth surfaces
    The wheels can handle small bumps on the road, but they’re not meant for rough terrain. If you want a stroller for hiking or jogging on dirt paths, another model may be better suited.
  • No padding in the carriage compartment
    The compartment’s bed is not padded. You may want to put a pillow or blanket inside for your pet’s comfort.


affordable, lightweight pet stroller



Final Verdict

If you’re an owner of a cat or a small dog, the Gen7 Regal Stroller is a good choice. It works best on smooth and paved surfaces. You can use it for walking around the neighborhood or grocery shopping with your pet.

This lightweight stroller is easy to steer and store. It has several features that provide convenience for you and your pets.