Gen7Pets Monaco Pet ​Stroller Review

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​​Looking for a pet stroller that combines convenience and luxury then the Gen7Pets Monaco Pet Stroller is the one for you.

This pet stroller features ergonomic design, a bunch of “smart” features, and provides the utmost comfort for your pets, regardless if it is a cat or a dog.

One of the best pet strollers available the Monaco pet stroller by Gen7Pets

Gen7Pets ​company name came from the biblical passage Genesis chapter 7, where God tasked Noah to take care of all the animals on earth in preparation for the Great Flood.

Th​is serves as a reminder to everyone who works there to always give the utmost importance to the welfare of animals. Gen7Pets always strive to come up with the best products for  your pets.

If you are still unsure whether the Monaco pet stroller is the perfect choice for you and your pet, continue reading for more details.

​Features of the Monaco Pet Stroller

Gen7Pets Monaco pet stroller

​Smart Zipper Canopy

  • The canopy of the Monaco pet stroller opens and closes with ease.
  • The heavy-duty zipper smoothly glides open and close
  • ​When open, the canopy automatically pops under the canopy hood so your pet can easily get in and out.
  • There is also a variant of the Monaco that uses Smart tabs to keep the canopy shut.
  • This is actually more convenient as you can open and close the canopy using just one hand.

Removable Storage Basket

  • You do not have to empty the storage basket in order to fold the Monaco pet stroller, you can just pull it out and then fold the stroller to put it away.
  • If the basket is already empty, it will fold down along with the rest of the stroller.


  • ​The Monaco Pet Stroller has a Smart-Fold feature that allows users to collapse and fold the stroller with just a push of a button.
  • You can actually do this using one hand.

Monaco pet stroller comes in range of colors including black

One of the best pet strollers available is the Gen7Pets Monaco stroller

Pink Monaco pet stroller for the fashion conscious pet owner

The Monaco pet stroller comes in a range of colors

Single-rear brake system

  • You don’t have to lock each individual wheel, with the Monaco pet stroller, one pedal will lock both of the rear wheels at the same time.
  • This provides more security compared to individually-locking wheels because when one wheel’s lock releases, the entire thing could still spin.

​Parent Tray

  • Your pets are not the only ones that Gen7Pets took into consideration when it came up with the design for the Monaco pet stroller, it also added a couple of features for the pet parent.
  • One of the neat features is the removable parent tray. This tray has a covered lid for storing your snacks, and also has two cup/bottle holders so you can stay hydrated even during those long walks in the park.

The Monaco pet stroller comes in red as well as a range of colors

​Benefits of the Gen7Pets Monaco Stroller

Lightweight, ​yet Durable

  • The Gen7Pets Monaco Pet Stroller’s frame is made up of a lightweight, but sturdy aluminum alloy.
  • The entire stroller weighs just 18 pounds, but it can carry up to 60 pounds of weight.
  • This means you can place two dogs in the carriage space and you don’t have to worry about the stroller bending out of shape.
  • The canvas material used for making the carriage itself is quite tough; it can actually withstand cat’s claws and dogs gnawing at it.


  • The inner pad of the Monaco’s carriage space is made of simulated Angora wool, which is so soft that you do not need ​any additional padding.
  • The pad is also easy to wash, so even if your furry little friends had a little accident while you are going for a walk, you can just pop the pad into the washing machine and wash it normally.

​Smooth ride

  • Glides over pavement and other surfaces smoothly
  • All of the wheels have individual shock absorbers, so you can expect the Monaco pet stroller to glide smoothly over pavement, tiles, and other kinds of terrain.
  • ​The Monaco pet stroller is not designed for dirt trails and gravel paths, you should stick to pavements and other relatively smooth surfaces.

The Gen7Pets Monaco stroller folds flat for easy storage

Ergonomically designed

  • Gen7Pets not only took the feline ​or canine passengers into account when it designed the Monaco pet stroller, but also the ​person pushing the ​stroller
  • The Monaco features an ergonomic handle that has a textured finish for a better grip, it is also angled in such a way that you can get more ​space when walking, so you won’t be hitting the stroller with every step.

Luxurious and comfortable

  • The interior of the pet carriage is actually wide enough that two small dogs can fit in it with no problem at all.
  • The inner pad is also made of simulated Angora wool, which provides more than enough padding for your pets; even if your pets are recovering from injuries, you do not need to lay down additional padding.
  • In addition, the canopy has several large mesh windows that can protect your pets from bug bites, and still let more than enough fresh air to circulate inside the carriage to keep it cool and comfortable.

​What We Liked About The Monaco Stroller

​Lightweight and compact

Weighing only 18 pounds, the Monaco pet stroller is easier to push and carry around. Unlike other pet strollers that are not only large and bulky, but quite heavy as well, the Monaco pet stroller can be easily carried and set up using just one hand.

Easy to push around

The wheels on the Monaco pet stroller are large enough that they can glide over semi-rough terrain (like poorly paved streets/sidewalks and pebble-lined paths) without any problem. The shock absorbers also help to greatly reduce the amount of shaking that your pets have to endure while you are walking. The front wheel also swivels on its own, which makes it easy to steer the pet stroller even with just one hand.

Strong and durable ​

The aluminum alloy frame provides more than enough strength to the Monaco pet stroller that it can carry up to 60 pounds of weight. This means you can carry around a mid-sized dog, or two smaller ones in the stroller without any problem at all. Other strollers can only handle up to 30 pounds of weight, and they don’t even last quite as long.

Gen7pets Monaco dog stroller
Luxurious and comfortable

You cannot hope for a better way to transport your precious little canine or feline friend. The interior of the stroller is wide enough that your pet can easily move around. The inner pad is also made of simulated Angora, making it quite soft and warm to the touch. Your pet will also be surrounded by large mesh windows that protect your pets from insects, but still allows fresh air to circulate inside and keep the interior cool.

Compact and convenient

Unlike other pet strollers where you need to undo several locking mechanisms before you can fold them down to a compact size, the Monaco only requires that you push one button. This is a pretty convenient feature as it frees your other hand to do something else; for instance, you can carry your little dog on your left hand, while your right hand folds the stroller and lifts it into your car’s trunk compartment.

Folds flat for easy storage

​The Monaco pet stroller folds down to a small package that can fit inside even a small car’s compartment, and can even slide under the bed for easy storage at home.

Best value pet stroller by Gen7Pets

​What We Didn’t Like

No weather canopy included

If you want to take your pets out for a walk during an overcast day, and it suddenly rains, your pet will get wet. Yes, you could purchase the weather canopy separately, but it would have been great if they included even a rudimentary one in the package.

The inner pad doesn’t want to stay in place

The simulated Angora cushioning pad likes to slip and slide around inside the carriage. You need to place a small rubberized mat under the pad to prevent it from moving.

​There are only a few cons that existing owners can find in the Monaco pet stroller. Almost everyone who bought one did not regret it. It Currently ranks 4.1 stars on Amazon


​Gen7Pets really outdid themselves when they came up with the Monaco pet stroller, and they did it once again when they released the updated version with the Smart tab that holds the canopy in place.

There are really nothing bad that you can say about this product; it is luxurious, sturdy, lightweight, easy to push, and many more.

If you’re currently on the hunt for a good pet stroller for your furry little family members, do yourself a favor and check out the Gen7Pets Monaco Pet Stroller and find out why hundreds of pet owners are raving about it.

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