HPZ Pet Rover Stroller Reviewed

 For the conscientious pet owner, nothing is too good for their pooch.

This HPZ Pet Rover Stroller offers dogs and their owners, the option of using a product that’s been specifically created for their care and comfort while enjoying the outdoors.

Traditionally, pet strollers have been used for senior dogs that experience arthritic pain when walking for long periods of time. Today however, you can use the stroller for all types of activity with you pooch, whether it’s a stroll along the park, the mall, the beach, or any other place where you feel he’d be most comfortable on his very personal ride.

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So what exactly should you know about the HPZ Pet Rover Stroller?

To start with, the product dimensions:A versatile pet stroller to meet your needs and those of your dog. Great for dogs with arthitis

  • 30 inches by
  • 22 inches by
  • 42 inches

The overall weight is 22 pounds. Shipping weight is slightly heavier at around 26.6 pounds.

The product comes in a choice of three colors:

  • blue,
  • midnight blue, and
  • red.

Product Features Of The HPZ Pet Rover 

Comfortable Ride

 An all-over comfortable ride, of the HPZ Pet Rover Stroller is due to a combination of features. This comfort makes it enjoyable for your fur baby to just sit back and relax. Able to enjoy sniffing the outdoors and interacting with other dogs from their cozy perch.

Don’t be surprised if your dog eventually falls asleep while inside the stroller because the setup is designed to minimize as much vibration as possible. The wheels are made to absorb most of the impact with each step you take.

Convertible Interior

The interior can be slightly altered to create compartments for your pets. You can change the size of the interior to fit the size of your pooch.

If you have several dogs of different breeds, you can use this stroller for all of them at any given time – or just put all of them inside the compartment by using the largest setting.

Storage Compartments

The product comes with additional storage for your various needs. There’s an under basket that can hold bags, bottles, treats, and basically anything else you’ll probably need for an outdoor trip with the pooch.

This also works well when you’re traveling or shopping as you can put your dog in the compartment and everything else in the storage area.

One of the best pet strollers is the HPZ pet rover dog stroller


Premium quality pet stroller at an affordable price

This HPZ pet rover is a very user friendly stroller


Premium pet friendly stroller – HPZ Rover

The HPZ pet rover easily folds away for easy storage


Easy to set up and compact when folded away

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All Terrain Capability

The wheels are specially designed to withstand all types of terrain from the smooth tiles to the rough outdoor trail. Unless you intend to take your pooch climbing on a mountain, then the HPZ Pet Rover Stroller should meet all your needs.

 Easily Folding Structure

If you have a hard time looking for space for bulky items, then you should know that the HPZ Pet Rover Stroller can be quickly folded and stored so that it would fit into the small spaces of your home – perhaps in behind furniture or in the garage.

It easily fits in your trunk when folded

Reversible Handlebar

This one is definitely a perk that few pet strollers come with. The reversible handlebar makes it possible for you to walk behind your dog or in front of him. This is ideal for those pups that get anxious if they can’t see you.

Perfect for nervous dogs, the stroller lets you have the option of maintaining vision-contact with your dog during the walk, helping you reassure your pup as you introduce them to new surroundings.


  •  Heavy Duty Swiveling Wheels
    The wheels have a 360 degree rotating function for the front. With the added safety of rear brakes at the back. This makes control wonderfully easy, allowing the perfect balance for control. If strolling with your pup on a paved path or a grassy area, the wheels should be able to glide through with minimal interior vibration.
  • Quality Stainless Steel Frame
    The stainless steel frame guarantees the durability of the stroller while at the same time keeping it lightweight.

    At only 22lbs, you can easily lift the stroller up and out of the car. The frame is extra thick, guaranteeing that it will last for a very long time and can withstand the vibrations of typical use.

  • Weather Proof Material
    The HPZ Pet Rover Stroller is made with high-density and UV-reflective cloth. This makes it perfect for both the hot and cold weather.

    The UV-reflective material should keep your dog cool inside, especially if you happen to own a bulldog or other breeds prone to the hot weather.

    As for rainy weather – we like to think you won’t be taking your pup outdoors during heavy rain, however this stroller will withstand a heavy downpour and keep your pup snug and dry inside. Walking in a light drizzle should be perfect though and the stroller can easily keep your pooch comfortable and warm during cooler weather.

  • Easy To Clean
    The interior comes with 2 pads that you can interchange as needed. They’re made from polyester that’s comfortable, stain-resistant and most importantly – machine washable. This allows for very easy cleaning as you can just throw the pads inside the washing machine and put them back as needed.
  • Breathable, Zipper-Less Entry
    There’s a mesh cover that keeps your pooch inside while guaranteeing that he gets as much fresh air as possible. Instead of fumbling with a zipper, this stroller comes with a lock system that can be opened with a snap of your fingers. This allows you to safely put your pup inside and get him settled for a long and leisurely walk easily and without fuss.
  • Quick Assembly
    The assembly is quick and simple with easy to follow instructions. While some note that the buildup can be tough, you’ll find that there are actually videos that will provide you with a step by step guide.


This quality of pet stroller does not have too many drawbacks at all.

  • Assmebly
    Some customers have mentioned the assembly can be an issue though the online videos certainly help here.
  • Limited Color Options
    Some people noted that there are only three available colors for the HPZ Pet Rover Stroller which is blue, midnight blue, and red. Compared to other stroller types, this can be quite discouraging for those who prefer bolder colors or something more unique.




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Our Verdict

All in all, it’s not surprising how the HPZ Pet Rover Stroller is a favorite among pet owners.

It’s definitely one of the better options of pet strollers today, especially if you have more than one dog with you. This stroller manages to meet the varying demands of the loving pet owner when it comes to ease of use, comfort for the dog, and cleanliness.

Price-wise, it’s also well within the affordable range and should last you a good long time.


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