Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride Stroller Review

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​If you are in the market for a pet stroller, one of the best ​strollers to consider is Paws & Pals City Walk N Stride 4 Wheeler Pet Stroller. It offers a host of features that will benefit both you and your pet.​

This stroller is a best selling stroller for small dogs. it is suitable for short walks on smooth paved pathways. This makes it ideal for people living in the city who want to take their dog for a walk and enjoy the open air.

OxGord City Walk N Stride stroller suitable for small to medium dogs

This product has proved popular with customers with over 1100 reviews on Amazon and rating 4.4 stars out of 5. Many customers report that it is the best product that they have purchased for their pet.

When in the market for a pet stroller, one of the strollers that you should consider is the City Walk N Stride Pet Stroller by Paws & Pals.

It offers a host of features that will benefit both you and your pet.

Features of the City Walk N Stride Stroller

​Here’s what you should know about this particular stroller:

Stroller Dimensions and Weight

​This stroller weighs around 12 pounds and measures 40.9 by 47.2 by 23.2 inches.

This means that it is just big enough to carry around with you without being weighed down too much. ​ The most lifting you will have to do is to put it back or remove it from the back of your car when you get to your pet’s favorite dog park.

The City Walk N Stride stroller folds easily and is nice and light making it suitable for all ranges of pet owners.

City Walk N Stride stroller folds easily for easy storage

​Storage ​

The stroller also comes with an undercarriage storage that’s perfect for all the knick-knacks that you usually bring with you for the dog’s safety and comfort.

You can put in everything from his water bowl to his leash and even a poop scooper in the undercarriage storage to leave your hands free for other things that you need to do.

Th​is stroller can also be folded for easy storage, letting you simply slip it in between small spaces and save on storage space.



​The model is made of a combination of:

  • aluminum,
  • rubber,
  • nylon, and
  • plastic.

These materials make for a light stroller that can be easily ​taken to different places easily for a user friendly experience.

This lightweight stroller is designed to comply with the international standard GB14748. Giving the purchaser some peace of mind regarding quality and standards.

​​Mesh Screen Ventilation

​The product comes with multiple mesh screens, providing for easy ventilation during hot days.

The mesh screen gives your ​dog the chance to look out and view ​their surroundings from any angle while still enjoying the cool breeze of the day as you take a walk through the park.

The mesh screen also works as a protective measure against insects that may be flying around outdoors. You can quicklt close or open the flap using the convenient zipper design.

If you want your pooch to be able to look out, you can also leave the zipper halfway open, providing as much comfort and viewing as possible.

Paws and Pals 4 wheel pet stroller is available in a range of colors

The City Walk N Stride stroller also comes in black

OxGord City Walk N Stride stroller suitable for small to medium dogs

​Seat Belt Leash

​Strap in your ​dog with the seat belt leash to keep him safe in his seat. This guarantees that he stays in place even when you go through bumps and thuds along the road.

The leash also makes sure that your overeager pup won’t be able to jump out of the seat and run out to his friends before you’re ready.

​4-Wheel Stroller

​​The main benefit of a 4 wheel stroller is you can be sure that it will remain balanced.​

As opposed to 3-wheel dog strollers, the 4-wheel set up makes it ideal for rapid walks or a smooth jog without any fear of tilting or ​over balancing with your dog.

Pet owners with antsy dogs or dogs who love to move inside their containers will find this 4-wheel model more convenient in keeping their pets contained and stable in their stroller pen.

​Ideal For Your Daily Stroll

​The advantage of a 4-wheel model is this stroller capable of taking all sorts of bumps and uneven roads for a smooth ​ride for your pet.

The wheels are made of plastic and are capable of sufficiently cushioning the stroller​ through semi-rough surfaces. Obviously, the Paws and Pals model is not something that you should ​take if you want to go through rough terrain because the setup is built for the city life.

Still, it should offer sufficient comfort for dogs during your daily walk over the less than smooth surfaces.

​Roomy Design

​The roomy design allows for maximum movement for ​your dog, guaranteeing that they won’t feel confined in ​the stroller carriage space.

There’s enough room for him to make a full circle, lie down, sit up, and roll around if he feels like it. If you have more than one small-breed pooch, you should be able to use this model without any problems.

​Retractable Hood

Paws and Pals stroller with the hood retractedThe stroller comes with a retractable hood that keeps the sun or the rain away from your pet.

This is perfect for those misty days when you’d love to go for a jog but want to keep your 4-legged friend from getting wet in the rain or having to hold an umbrella over him all the time you are outside.

It also works well for double-coated dogs who do not fare very well when exposed directly to the heat of the sun.

Since the hood can be retracted, you can easily pull off the covering and give your dog as much fresh air and sun as he wants. The hood is also waterproof so you shouldn’t have any problem taking the furry friend out during a slight drizzle. Of course, it’s not ideal for heavy rain.


​Load Capacity

​While there’s no specific weight capacity for the stroller, reports reveal that some users put more than 30lbs in the carriage.Some customers have reported being able to carry 2 pets at once each weighing 15-20lbs.

There’s a good chance that this particular model can handle all medium sized dogs or those who are less than 50 pounds in weight.

The City Walk N Stride is ideal for small to medium breeds ​allowing plenty of room for them to relax and lie down if necessary.

​Color Variations

​The Paws N Pals Stroller comes with several color options, giving you the chance to choose the one that best works for you.

  • Purple,
  • ​Red,
  • Pink
  • Plaid Blue, and
  • ​Black


​Of course, the unit also comes with some drawbacks including the following:

  • The wheels would be better if built with rubber instead of plastic
  • The product comes unassembled so you’ll have to do it yourself

The Paws N Pals Stroller comes with several color options, giving you the chance to choose the one that best works for you. Purple, red, and black are some of the most popular colors offered.

​Should You Buy The City Walk N Stride? Our Conclusion

​All in all, it’s a good product choice for pet owners who have senior pets, small dogs or pets that get too tired easily after a few minutes of walking around.

If you love to check out the mall with your dog, this is also a great way of browsing around while keeping your pooch comfortable.

Dog owners with pets that easily become nervous with people will also find this worth the investment.

All in all, this Paws and Pals Pet Stroller gets a 4.5 star rating!