The Paws & Pals 3 Wheel Elite Jogger Review

As a pet owner, one of your many concerns about your pet is taking them out for a walk. This is especially true for dogs as they need to be taken outdoors get some exercise and to do their business.

Pink 3 wheel pet jogger by Paws and Pals
Traditionally, you would walk a pet by placing a collar around his neck or body so that he won’t run away from you while you are traveling to a park. Once in the park, pets are free to roam and explore.

This traditional way of walking pets may be great for walks to the park but some places such as shopping malls and other commercial establishments may not allow pets to roam around freely.

As such, using a pet stroller may be the only way to take your pet around with you wherever you wish to go.

If you are after a stroller for this purpose, you might want to take a look at the Paws & Pals 3 Wheel Elite Jogger Pet Stroller.

About The Paws and Pals 3 Wheel Elite Jogger

It is certified HD Lightweight which means that meets the GB14748 Stroller Safety Standards. It was manufactured using the GB/T2161 standards in production and manufacturing as well. This ensures that your pet will be safe and you’ll have peace of mind while walking him.

The pet stroller features 2 cup holders to hold your pet’s drink (and yours too!).

The stroller stands 40 inches in height and has length and width dimensions of 34”L x 18”W respectively when fully opened.

It is made with a combination of durable, waterproof materials such as mesh, nylon, plastic, and lightweight aluminum frame.

Its safety features include a seat belt leash to help you keep your pet from running after everything he sees that interests him. The rear brakes and easy to maneuver handles make walking your pet a breeze.

The stroller also features a top window on the hooded peak so you can see your pet while you are walking. The sturdy wheels do not break easily and can weather different terrains from flat pavements to rougher grounds such as those found in parks.

Dimensions of the Paws and Pals 3 wheel elite jogger

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It moves easily and does not require a lot of force to push and pull. The handles are covered with non-slip grip so you can walk your pet with ease.

If rain and heat from the sun is your concern, you can rest easy because this pet stroller comes with a mesh screen ventilation. This also helps keep bugs away and keeps pets cool as it allows a slight breeze in.

The stroller features a large storage at the bottom called an undercarriage storage compartment. You can keep your pet supplies such as food, medicine, treats and toys that your pet may need while out on a stroll.

The 3 wheel elite jogger folds easily for easy storage
It also has a retractable rain hood that’s also waterproof so your pet does not get wet while you’re out on a stroll.

Storing the pet stroller is also a breeze. It folds easily and can be stored vertically in a closet or horizontally under a chair or a bed.

It comes in different colors to suit your preferences.

  • Black,
  • Blue, and of course
  • Pink

Why It is Worth Buying

The stroller has almost everything you need for a good stroll out with your pet. The safety standards make it a great product for your pet because you know that your little buddy is safe while he or she is on board this stroller. It also makes jogging or strolling around different locations easy.

You can bring your pet along with you to shopping malls, amusement parks and other public places without people who don’t like pets commenting on your decision for bringing him along.

It also makes bringing your pet to the vet easy as he will keep still while you are transporting them. The soft cushion inside ensures that your pet is comfortable while strolling around.

Another great reason to buy this product is its durability. This product is made with high quality materials that can withstand different weather elements such as heat and cold.

The mesh cover provides pets with ventilation while keeping them inside the stroller. It also protects pets from bugs while letting him or her see the scenery outside.

It zips open and close easily so you have easy access to your pet anytime you want to cuddle with them.

If that’s not enough reason how about that huge compartment to carry all your stuff? It can store all the important items that you need to take your pet out.

You can even put your own things in there so you won’t have to carry those around too. This frees your hand to push the stroller along.

The pet stroller is big enough to hold a mid-sized dog or a couple of small dogs or puppies and even cats without any problem so you can more than one pet at a time.

The price point of this pet stroller is one that many pet owners can truly afford if you decide to buy it online, you can get the product delivered your doorstep You don’t need to haul it from the pet store.

Easy opening access means getting your dog in or out of the elite jogger is easy

What We Didn’t Like

The one thing that could be a challenge for pet owners is the initial assembly of the stroller. The instructions are a bit difficult to follow and it might take a while before you’ve got everything looking like it should.

As with many first time assembly products this comes as no surprise that you may have a slightly hard time putting the product together.

But once you’ve figured it out the pet stroller is the pet accessory you never knew you needed. It will make walking or jogging with pets more enjoyable for you and your pet.

It’s also more suited for smaller pets in general so if you want to bring along your pet German shepherd or those huge Chow-chows, this may not be the product for you.

When you put a huge pet in a small compartment while you are walking or jogging, it makes the outing in the stroller an unpleasant journey for you and your pet.


The Paws & Pets 3 wheeler elite jogger pet stroller is a great product for any pet owner.

It lets you take your pet with you anywhere without the hassle of bringing a small carrying cage and a bag of all your pet’s goodies along.

It makes holding your pet easier and lets you carry your pets in style.

Strolling with your pet more often promotes a bonding experience that you will cherish forever. Your pet will really love this product and so would you.