Paws and Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Looking for a carrier for your furry friends? The Paws and Pals Airline Approved Pet Carrier is what you’re looking for. This pet carrier will help you comfortably carry your furry friend together with the items necessary for a hassle-free travel.

Feature Of The Paws and Pals Pet Carrier

Stylish airline approved pet carrier by Paws and Pals

The airline approved pet carrier by Paws and Pals comes in a range of colors

What’s in the bag? See what you’d get upon purchase of this pet carrier:

  • This pet carrier comes in two sizes:
    Medium pet carrier with dimensions of 17”x8”x11.5”, or
    Large pet carrier with dimensions of 19”x10x13”.
  • The medium pet carrier can carry pets that weigh up to 10 pounds,
  • The large ones can carry those up to 15 pounds.
  • It also comes with a removable fleece travel bed that’s 100% washable.
  • The bag also comes with padded shoulder straps and ventilated security screens.
  • There are storage compartments for toys, medicines, and treats. The bag has a large mesh pocket, a shallow pocket, and a deep canvas side pocket.
  • It also comes with adjustable belt straps and locking zippers for your pet’s safety. One of the zippered ends can be opened completely, while the other end can only be opened halfway to allow you to control your pet when necessary.

What’s Good About the Paws and Pals Pet Carrier

The variety of colors available assures you that there’s one that fits your taste. Whether you’re a bubbly person who’d love pink, or you’re one who’d love the classic black, there’s one that will satisfy your choice of color.

Padded shoulder straps would then allow you to carry it around with ease; there will be less strain on your shoulders as you carry around your beloved fur baby. The pet carrier is lightweight in itself, but of course, it might get heavier once your pet is placed inside the carrier.

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The carrier’s ventilated security screens would let your pet look outside while you are carrying him. Your pet will not even think about escaping from the carrier because its breathable materials would make your furry companion comfortable.

You’ll always have the things you and your dog needs — whether it’s food, medicines, clothes, or other necessities — because of the carrier’s storage compartments. There are less chances that you’ll forget anything you need; you can even have your pet’s toys on hand.

This pet carrier is designed with your pet’s safety in mind, hence the straps and zippers. If because of unfortunate reasons you lost your pet, the lost & found tag would help you locate them easier.

Plenty of room for your pet in this pet carrier

This pet carrier looks stylish in pink

With a wide range of colors to suit everyones needs with this pet carrier

This quality deep burgundy pet carrier is airline approved

Any Benefits from the Paws and Pals Pet Carrier?

Pet parents would want to know: what’s in it for them should they choose to go for the Paws and Pals Pet Carrier?


Well, for one, it’s airline compliant — you’d have no problems with it should you need to fly. You’d have an easier check-in experience upon arriving at the airport.

What’s the carrier for? Well, there are a lot of reasons you can use the pet carrier for. You can use it for trips to the vet, long road trips, impromptu picnics… whenever you feel like taking your dog along to travel. The carriers can then be restrained on the vehicle using the safety belt straps.

You also ensure that you always have everything that you need. Let’s say you’re visiting the vet. The carrier’s pockets will allow you to bring all the necessary documents and even your pet’s food, toys and medicine at once. All the things you require for a peaceful travel will be close by


It’s made not just for your convenience, but also with your pet’s comfort in mind. The ventilated mesh screens allow fresh air to flow inside the pet carrier, avoiding suffocation.

Because it’s 100% washable, the removable fleece bed will always be clean — you’re assured that your pet won’t get any illnesses from using dirty or soiled fleece beds.

The soft fleece bed will also make it more comfortable for your pet; it won’t get irritated, and so, it will not have the urge to go outside its carrier. As long as you’re able to provide its basic needs such as food or even playtime, then it will all be just fine.


This pet carrier also makes you feel at ease. You’d always be beside your pet and see how it’s doing, especially if there’s a certain condition you’d have to monitor. Should he be lost, you know there’ll be something in your pet that will help you locate where your fur baby is.

Using this pet carrier would also make your pet calm and contented. If you’re traveling, your pet can still see what’s around him or her; it can still see you and he won’t be scared because his human isn’t around.

Are There Disadvantages or Limitations of this Pet Carrier?

Nothing is ever perfect — and that includes this pet carrier. It’s a good product, definitely, but there still are things that you need to take note of.

Not Meant for Large Breeds

For one, this pet carrier would only be good for small breeds. If you have medium-sized or large dog breeds, then you’d have to look for larger cages to transport your pets or to secure them while traveling.

Choose the Size Carefully

Another point to consider is the bag’s sizes: you may want to choose a size that fits your pet better. Or better yet, go for the large so that even if your pet gets a little bigger, then it will still fit inside the carrier and feel comfortable when inside it.

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So is the Paws and Pals Pet Carrier a Good Buy?

The Paws and Pals Pet Carrier is a well-thought product designed to bring comfort not only to the pet but also to the owner.

If what you have is a small dog or cat, then buying this is a good idea.
This pet carrier will create a safe and secure environment for the pet, and will make sure that you’ll have everything you need for a happy and comfortable trip.

Yes, this pet carrier is airline approved, but if you’re going to use this pet carrier when traveling by plane, then it’s recommended for you to call the airline company first to make sure everything will be just fine upon arrival at the airport.

So is it a good buy? It definitely is. For a pet owner, nothing comes first than the safety of his or her pet, and this carrier certainly provides that. This assures you that your pet will remain happy and comfortable no matter where the both of you will choose to go.