Pet Gear No Zip Happy Trails Stroller

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​For many ​parents of fur babies, it is not good enough ​for them to put their precious pets on a leash whenever they go out of the house. ​

Best selling dog stroller - Pet Gear Happy Trails stroller

They need to provide the absolute best in pet transportation, and this usually means putting them in a pet stroller.

However, there are lots of different brands and models of strollers currently available, so choosing one can be quite difficult. One of the most popular models these days is the Pet Gear No Zip Happy Trails Pet Stroller, with tens of thousands of units sold since it first came out.

However, popularity is not a good indicator of whether a pet stroller is any good or not, which is why we will be diving deep into the Happy Trails Pet Stroller and we will find out if this one is perfect for your needs.


​About Pet Gear

Pet Gear is a division of the Vermont Juvenile Furniture, a company that has been providing quality products for taking care of babies. Pet Gear shares its parent company’s passion, but this time they make products that take care of the other baby in the household (the furry one).

Pet Gear has been in the industry for many years, and it is known for providing quality pet care products. If you see the Pet Gear logo on any product, you can be sure that it will last for years, and still provide the best comfort and care for your pets.


​Features of the Happy Trails Pet Stroller

  • ​Stylish
    If you want a good balance of form and function, the Happy Trails pet stroller will not disappoint. It comes in various colors, and it has a modern design that makes it perfect for when you just need to run a couple of errands, or if you want to show off your fur baby at the local dog park.
  • Front shock absorbers
    ​Regardless of the kind of terrain you will be using the Happy Trails pet stroller on, the front-mounted shock absorbers will make sure that you furry friend will be enjoying a smooth, bump-free ride.
  • Easy storage
    The pet stroller folds up conveniently so it can fit in your car’s trunk, under the bed, or in your cabinet. The Happy Trails pet stroller is constructed in such a way that you can fold and unfold it in five seconds flat.
  • Mesh windows
    The Happy Trails pet stroller has several mesh windows that not only provides your pet with a nice view outside, they also protect him from insect bites, and also provides plenty of ventilation even if the covers are completely closed.
  • Can handle dogs up to 30 pounds
    While most other pet strollers are only for small dog breeds, the Happy Trails stroller can actually handle dogs up to 30 pounds heavy. This means if you have a mid-sized dog, like a corgi or a Jack Russel Terrier, you can place them inside the stroller with no problem at all. In addition, the interior dimensions are wide and spacious enough that you can place up to two small dogs inside and they will not feel cramped at all.

Side view of a pink Happy Trails pet stroller

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​Benefits of the Happy Trails Pet Stroller

  • ​Comfort
    The canvas material used for making the carriage is soft, yet sturdy and gives optimal support.If your pet is injured, you can place him inside the Happy Trails pet stroller without worrying.In addition, the front-mounted shock absorbers will also minimize the amount of bumps your furry passenger will feel.
  • Sturdily-built
    The Happy Trails pet stroller is quality-made, and you can actually feel the difference. Other cheaply-made pet strollers feel as if they could fall apart if you hold them wrong, but this is not the case with the Happy Trails pet stroller.The aluminum frame is held together using high-quality plastic joints, which helps retain the light weight of the stroller, but still makes sure that the entire thing can still last for years with regular use.
  • Easy to Stow Away
    The Happy Trails pet stroller is equipped with Pet Gear’s patented one-hand, one-second folding function. This means you can fold up the Happy Trails pet stroller with just a push of a button.This will collapse the pet stroller into a more compact size that will allow it to fit into your car’s trunk, or under the bed whenever you aren’t using it.
  • No-zip Latches
    The Happy Trails pet stroller has a no-zip variant, which means the stroller opens and closes shut using a system of locking latches instead of the usual zippers. This means you can open up the canopy using just one hand because you no longer have to fumble with zippers.

​Pros and Cons of the Happy Trails Pet Stroller

As great as the Happy Trails pet stroller is, it is ​not perfect.

The Happy Trails pet stroller has a couple of minor issues, but they are not really that big of a deal. Here are some of the pros and cons of the product, find out if the pros outweigh the cons for your particular needs.

One of the best pet strollers available is the Pet Gear Happy Trails stroller

No zippers on the Happy Trails pet stroller makes for easy access

The Happy Trails stroller is very popular with pet owners

​What We Liked

  • Easy to use
    The combination of the no-zip and the one-hand, one-second folding features make the Happy Trails pet stroller one of the best to ever come to market. Not only can you easily place your pet in and out of the carriage, thanks to the no-zip latches, you can also fold it away using only one hand.Compared to other pet strollers that you have to undo several locks before you can fold them away, the Happy Trails pet stroller just requires one push of a button.
  • Lightweight, yet Durable
    ​Expect that you will be using the Happy Trails pet stroller for many years. Thanks to its aluminum frame, and tough canvas structure, you and your pet can expect many fun years of using the Happy Trails pet stroller together.
  • Easy to Assemble
    The Happy Trails pet stroller needs some assembly when you first get it, but not so much that you will be spending the entire afternoon figuring it out. In fact, you can get the entire thing up and ready for your pet within ten minutes.
  • Provides Maximum Comfort
    Although you can completely close the canopy to prevent your pet from jumping out of the carrier, it does not mean your pet has to feel hot and stuffy. The carriage material is made of breathable fabric, and there are several large, mesh windows that provides plenty of ventilation to keep your pet cool.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The Wheels are Made from EVA Plastic
    There is actually nothing seriously wrong with using EVA Plastic wheels, that is when you use the Happy Trails stroller on a perfectly paved sidewalk. However, since the wheels are hard and stiff, bumps on ​your walk will be felt, even with the included front shock absorbers.
  • The Front Wheels Wobble
    The trouble with free-spinning front wheels is that they do tend to wobble when you are pushing the pet stroller along at a moderate pace. Although this issue seems negligible, it still needs to be mentioned.
  • The Zippers are Hard to Get Going
    On the Happy Trails pet stroller variant that comes with zippers for closing and opening the canopy, the zippers are a bit hard to use. The heavy-duty zippers sometimes feels as if they’re stuck, so you need to move them up and down a few times to get them started to move.
  • The Pad Inside the Carriage is a Bit Thin
    The bottom pad inside the carriage of the Happy Trails pet stroller is a bit too thin to provide exceptional comfort for your pet.​You might need to line the bottom of the carriage with a folded up blanket or a small foam mat to make sure that your precious little cargo is comfortable.

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Every pet owner only wants the best for their furry little friends, which is why some opt to use pet strollers so they can always be together.

Now, is the Happy Trails pet stroller worth your hard earned money? Short answer, yes, it is definitely worth every cent.

The entire construction is sturdy and durable, which means it could easily last several years at the very least. It is also quite convenient to use; thanks to the no-zip canopy, you can open and close the top using just one hand. In addition, even though the entire thing is somewhat petite, there are plenty of storage spaces for whatever it is you want to bring with you.

​Yes, it does suffer from a couple of hiccups, like the wobbly front wheels, and the rather stiff suspension, but those are all negligible if you consider all of the benefits that it provides.

The Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller can and will give you all of the things that you expect a pet stroller would, and maybe even more.