Airport Approved Pet Carrier By Pet Peppy!

Are you planning to take your dog on your next trip? Are you riding the bus or the train? Or are you flying?

You have to remember that these transportation companies have set guidelines in carrying pets.

One particular guideline is on the size of the pet carrier. The defined dimensions are quite small so you need to make sure that your pet carrier fits the profile.

Expandable pet carrier that is approved for carriage on airlines

This is where the Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier can help.

This pet carrier has the right dimensions that fit most if not all limits set by transportation companies. It’s small and compact but when you feel like your pet needs more space, you can unzip the sides and expand them to allow more room for your pet to move around.

Now you can rest assured that your pet is comfortable and safe while you both travel at 40,000 feet up in the air.

In this review of the Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier, we will discuss the factors that make the product the perfect carrier when you’re taking your pet along for a vacation via public transport. We will discuss the dimensions, usage, materials used, and some pros and cons about this carrier.

Dimensions Of the Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier

Compact in size thes pet carrier easily expands to allow extra room for your pet

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider when buying a pet carrier, especially if you’re planning to travel by plane.

The Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier measures only:

  • 11 inches in width,
  • 11 inches in height, and
  • 18 inches in length.

These dimensions ensure that you can put this pet carrier under airplane chairs.

But don’t let this compact size fool you. Whenever you feel like your pet needs more room maybe during a long layover, just unzip the sides and they will expand to 10 inches more of space.

Now your pet doesn’t have to feel confined inside the carrier.

When you’re not using the Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier, you can fold it so that it’s a little bit more than an inch in thickness.

It’s also lightweight at only 10.4 ounces. Now that’s what you call portability!

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Fitting easily under the seats this pet carrier from Pet Preppy makes travelling with your fur baby a breeze

Expandable Pet Carrier Design

The Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier is designed like a duffel bag when not folded or expanded which makes it easy to carry around. It has meshed windows on all sides except the bottom part so you can always check on your pet. This also ensures that your pet doesn’t feel too confined and have proper ventilation.

The floor is made of faux fleece material so it’s comfortable for your pet to lie on. It’s also removable and machine washable so cleanup is a breeze.

When you need more room for your pet, you just unzip both sides and the accordion-like design allows them to be expanded and extended to 10 inches both ways. This dual expansion feature ensures that folding down and unzipping one or both sides of the bag is easy.

Pet Peppy is concerned about your pet’s convenience and safety so the Expandable Carrier is installed with double zippers on the sides and on the top allowing an entrance on either side. These are high quality zippers that don’t easily snag.

The zippers are appropriately placed so that your pet can’t access it when it tries to get out of the bag. A leash ring is installed inside the bag to keep your pet from straying away.

Features of the Pet Preppy expandable pet carrier for dogs and cats

This expandable pet carrier is one of the most popular carriers

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Airline approved and designed with your pet's comfort in mind. This pet carrier is certainly worth looking at

Worried that your beloved pet might get hungry or bored during the long trip? This carrier comes with extra and bonus storage making this a must-have for pet owners who travel with their pets. The Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier has a side pocket where you can stash in some toys, food, or treats to keep your pet satiated and entertained.

A colored bowl even comes free with the purchase so your pet can eat in style.

The shoulder strap is padded so you don’t get easily tired carrying the carrier as you stroll inside the airport. Or you can slide the carrier’s side strap onto the handle of your rolling suitcase.

There are also attachments for the safety seat buckle when you’re driving with your pet.

The Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier comes in black with red trimmings, grey and red for that classy look.


The bag itself is mostly made of military grade nylon so it’s pretty sturdy and helps repel water. This is the same material used in military issue parachutes. This also ensures that the carrier doesn’t wrinkle or sag and that you can rely on it.

The self-locking zippers and metal hooks are of premium quality to prevent breakage during transit or when at the airport. Thin fiber cable supports the soft sides that add to the carrier’s durability.


Pet Peppy is very confident of their products that they are willing to refund the purchase price in full if you’re not happy. This means zero waits, zero hassles, and zero risk. This only proves that this remarkable company is bent on offering only the most reliable pet carriers in the market.

Pet Peppy, A Company That Cares

Pet Peppy knows that you want your pet taken care of while you travel with them. That’s why they’ve come up with pet products that are designed to ease the struggles of carrying your pet during trips.

Pet Peppy manufactures pet accessories and toys. They are very much concerned on providing only the highest level of customer service. They believe that customer feedback is the best source of information that they can use to improve their products. They have well trained staff that can answer your queries about their products.

Their pet carriers are designed according to customer requirements and continuously evolve with their changing needs. They only use top quality materials for their products. This ensures that you will be using their products for a long time.

Pet Peppy believes that the safety and convenience of both owners and pets should be considered and they design their products with that vision in mind. It’s a family owned company that loves pets. They also believe that one of the most humane actions in life is caring for and respecting animals.

Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier Pros and Cons


  • Airport friendly dimensions
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Washable matting
  • Very portable
  • Breathable mesh windows for ventilation


  • Only available in black, grey, and red
  • Zippers might be a bit hard to zip and unzip when new
  • Might be too small for some pets


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Your pet deserves only the best care and comfort especially when you travel together. You should ensure that your pet has enough room to move around and gets fresh air when inside a carrier. That’s why the Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier is highly recommended by thousands of satisfied customers. It is compact, lightweight, and durable. It also has all the features you need to provide comfort for your pet.

Whether you have a dog, cat, puppy, or kitten, you can count on the Pet Peppy Expandable Carrier to make the travel experience as pleasant as possible.

You can get the carrier at Amazon and it even comes with a free colored bowl. And if you’re not happy with your purchase for any reason, just send it back and you’ll get a full refund. No questions asked.

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