Petmate Two-Door Top Load Kennel

Looking for a durable carrier designed to accommodate small pets? We recommend the Petmate 2-Door Top Load Kennel.

It comes in two small sizes, which means that with Petmate, you can get one that can comfortably house your petite pup or your full-grown cat.

Besides the spacious inside of the carrier, you might also like it for its tough construction, vented sides and a host of other wonderful features.

Solid and durable pet carrier with both top and side doors for easy access

Features of Petmate 2-Door Kennel

The Petmate is a travel-friendly carrier and also a secure home kennel. You will find the following features just great for the money.


Top-entry Door

  • This 2-door carrier comes with a top-load door.

Strong Construction

  • Petmate makes use of sturdy plastic and steel in constructing this carrier.

Ergonomic Handle

  • There’s a handle at the top, but there is no long strap for alternate shoulder carry.

Wing Nut and Bolt Bind Design

  • The manufacturer came up with a unique approach for fastening the entire product together. Check the locking pins around. These are approximately two inches and they lock the upper and the lower part together.

Vented Body

  • There are holes all around and even on top.

Spacious Interior for Small Pets

  • It is ideal for pets no more than 15 inches long and 7 inches in height. Outer dimensions are only 24 x 16 x 14 inches. Remember to check the product’s height. One version is 14 inches tall. The other is 19 inches tall.


The Petmate has received lots of recommendations from majority of its users. Users’ posts are very helpful for buyers like you. This carrier is especially commended for the following benefits:

Ease of Transport

The ergonomic handle is durable, making transport a-breeze. Perhaps, it is good that the design did not include a strap. Many pet carrier users complain about straps that are quite uncomfortable and not really built for slinging over the shoulder.

The carry handle is fastened on the top door, but that doesn’t compromise that door’s fixed placement or unnecessarily move it. The door’s securely shut even if you’re lifting the carrier on the handle.

Easy Access

The 2-door design makes it easier for you to put your pet inside and take him out of the carrier. That is particularly convenient if you are the type who wants to comfort your pet while it is inside. Just open the top and insert your hand to give your pet a caress. The top door also allows for easy placing and removal of the pet from the bag.

The Petmate dog carrier provides easy access with a top opening door

Opening and Closing Mechanisms Work Smoothly

The doors of this carrier are not difficult to open and close. That’s quite beneficial at times when you are in a hurry.
Some users reported about difficulty with closing the door at the side. If you experience the same, make sure to check if the door’s vertical bar is in the right place. The bar should get not into the holes. Rather, it should be inserted in the indented rectangular area beside the holes.

Different Color Combinations

Different color combinations of this carrier allow buyers to pick one that matches their particular style.

Well Ventilated Carrier

The vented sides and top promote better visibility and maximum ventilation for pets.

If your pet will grow to love staying inside this carrier for long periods of time, you will appreciate that it has lots of holes for fresh air to flow in and out. You will not have to worry about your pet accumulating bacteria because of insufficient airflow.

You will also appreciate that it can also allow sunlight to come in through the top. Of course, you have to avoid rain or water from coming in through the holes.

Easy to Assemble

It will only take you twenty minutes to assemble this carrier. You might have some difficulty dealing with the screws. Refer to the manual for instructions.

The two door petmate carrier comes with 2 doors for easier access to your pet

The Petmate pet carrier is available in a range of colors to suit your taste

A solid and durable pet carrier by Petmate

This pet carrier is suitable for most small to medium sized pets

What We Like

The Petmate scores great in many aspects. What we love the most is the security for your pet offered by this model. With the construction and the sturdy latches and bolts, there is no chance for the your pet to escape. The maker is also provides extra bolts.

Next thing we like about it is the top door, making this pet carrier one of the most pet-owner-friendly out in the market. You don’t have to push your baby on the behind through the side door and risk scratching the floor in the process. You just gently squeeze him/her through the top.

Of course, the kind of ventilation that this bag can provide is one good reason for opting for it. We’re thinking of injured or pets with wound that need to heal immediately, and also of pets that easily get stinky. The huge amounts of fresh air are enough to provide quick healing or prevent bad odor.

With color combinations, we particularly like the variants with light colors – pink, light blue and white. Such colors can easily blend with whatever you already have in your home. Being easy to the eyes, these colors also encourage feelings of joy rather than gloom. That promotes love and camaraderie to our pet darlings.

Topnotch durability is also a huge plus for this carrier. While this one weighs a bit compared to thinner plastic pet kennels, it’s quite obvious that the Petmate is one that can last way longer than others, with most of other brands costing more money.

Consider this pet carrier if you’ve got two very small pets that can fit together inside. Entry for both will not give you a hard time since you have two doors to use – one for each of them. That 2-door design really deserves a high-five!

What We Didn’t Like

Of course, we found flaws in this product that the manufacturer should take note of for future improvement.

First, you need to be careful about the oval-shaped holes on the carrier’s side. Upon inspection, we found that those holes have sharp edges. We searched for complaints on this, and we found one. This came from an owner whose pet cat accidentally scraped its nose after sticking its nose into one of those holes. So be careful about that.

The kennel’s a bit heavy and bulky, too. Many users don’t mind that though. For them, it only indicates that the crate’s not flimsily constructed. But if you’re one who’s a bit worried about the weight, know that the shipping weight is 5.8 lbs.

The product’s weight has not been specified in its description. With the shipping weight specified by Amazon, it might be safe to assume that this kennel weighs a little over 5 lbs.

The top door, for all its superb benefits, still comes with a downside. Some airlines don’t accept crates with top doors. Check United Airlines for example.



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The Petmate pet carrier is obviously a good option. If you don’t mind the little extra weight compared to other small crates and if you can find a way to deal with the sharp oval-shaped holes, you will be happy taking this home and training your cat or dog to get used to it.

The sturdy built, secure construction, ease of access and transport, and the maximized ventilation all speak of a design that puts premium on both the pet owner and the pet’s welfare.