2 in 1 Dog Trailer and Stroller Jogger by Sepnine

The Sepnine 2-in-1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer currently ranks as one of the top choices for pet dog accessories today.


Individuals who love to take their dogs with them during walking excursions or even during bouts of exercise will find this a handy way of adding to the convenience and enjoyment to these activities.

Today’s review starts with a look at the pros and cons of the Sepnine 2 in 1 dog trailer.

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Front and Back Dual Entry

Rear access to the Sepnine 2 in 1 dog strollerFront access to the Sepnine bike trailer

The dual entry feature means that you can load your dog from either the front or from the back, depending on which side you are most comfortable with. Perfect for a quick and easy pack up, you can pick your dog up and start riding or running in a matter of seconds.

Mesh Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are made of mesh material, allowing for the wind to pass through and keep your dog cool and comfortable. Ideal during hot days, the mesh also allows for easy visibility, allowing pooches to happily enjoy their surroundings as they jog through the park with their owner.

Size Capacity – Up to 66 Pounds

Most medium breeds have a weight of less than 50 pounds – which means that you can use this dog bike trailer even for spoiled medium breeds who are a tad overweight.

Shih Tzu, Lhasa Apso, Japanese Spitz, and Pomeranians should fit beautifully in this particular model, not to mention the Chihuahua and other miniature and teacup breeds.

The sturdy structure of the product guarantees an ability to handle the weight of dogs up to 66 pounds, even with the additional stress of running or jogging.

Note though that there are several models for this product.

If you have larger dogs (66 pounds and above), then you can try getting the Large dog bike trailer model under the same brand.


Safety Leash

For dog owners who have easily excitable pets, the dog bicycle trailer also comes with a safety leash to keep the pet safe and secure in his ride. Look at it as a safety belt for your dog that also prevents him from jumping out and going his own way while you’re out running at the park.  

Foldable for Easy Storage

The Sepnine 2 in 1 dog trailer folds away for easy storageThe product can be folded down into a flat unit for easy storage. This is perfect for car rides or when you have little space to put the item in when not in use. The folded piece is just a few inches in width and can be easily placed in extra spaces in the house. This is especially beneficial for small spaces as you don’t have to waste precious space. The folding mechanism itself is quick and easy as soon as you get the hang of it.  

Easy Assembly

The unit comes to you disassembled but allows for easy set up. There’s a range of instructions that can be quickly followed to bring the stroller together for use. Note though that the wheels don’t come inflated so you’ll need an air pump to help fill it up. Ideally, the air pressure of the wheels should be checked each time you walk out the door to head out on your ride with your trusty companion.  

Steel Frame

The frame is durable and made of Steel. It has a one-year warranty coverage. This product is specially built to withstand the rigors of jogging and riding and will thus be able to work well under the circumstances. Just keep in mind that it’s built for a city-type terrain. The stroller should work perfectly unless, of course, it is used on rough roads and rugged terrain.  

Storage Space

 The storage space at the back is wide and deep, allowing you to store the items you or your dog will need for a nice day out. From water bowls, leash, snacks, diapers, or the scooper – all these items can be placed together in one convenient location so that your hands are free to do the more important stuff. Since the storage space is deep, you don’t have to worry about any of these items getting accidentally thrown out of the box once you start running. The items stay in while your dog stays safe and comfortable in his own seat – preferably with a harness on.

3-Wheel Durability

There are a total of 3 wheels for this product, all of which are created to roll smoothly on a trail, sidewalk, or short grass. It stands to reason that you shouldn’t use the stroller for rough terrain since this was made for the smoother lanes of city living. The great thing about this model, however, is the fact that the front wheel is locked. This helps guarantee a steady bicycle trailer when you’re jogging, keeping your dog safely inside and rock steady.    

Multiple Color Options

The unit comes with multiple color options, giving buyers the chance to choose their favorite colors.The wide variety of colors allows for easy color coordination when selecting your dog trailer. The following colors are available The Sepnine 2 in 1 bike trailer is one of the most popular pet trailers

    • Yellow


    • Orange


    • Blue


    • Red


The main frame of the dog tricycle trailer is the same throughout with only the colors as the variable.  


Bike Towing

The model also comes with a built-in tow bar at the bottom of the trailer. This makes it possible for you to attach the item to a bike and just use this to take your dog around the park at greater speed. Since the front wheel of the bike is fixed, there is great balance and control of the dog tricycle trailer itself. But, be aware that high-speed might not be ideal for this particular model.


Of course, no product is perfect. The following are some of the reported drawbacks of this unit:

    • The product doesn’t come with a brake so you will have to exert more effort when trying to stop the stroller mid-stride. It’s usually best to slowly come to a stop rather than a sudden break


    • Not much information is available about what the warranty covers. According to the supplier, the frame is covered by 1-year warranty.


    • While it can be attached to a bike, please note that the size of the bike limits the attachment. Large adult bikes may not be compatible with this model.



Who Should Use This Dog Trailer/Stroller?

Bike trailer for your dog that converts to a stroller for versatilityThis dog bicycle trailer is perfect for people who love to ride, jog, run, or just enjoy the day walking with their dog. While most dogs enjoy a walk, small and medium breeds are rarely capable of covering lots of space in a single outing. This is when this dog bike trailer becomes useful. Once your dog is tired or when you’re at a pace that he can’t keep up with, whip out the Sepnine trailer, pop in furry friend, and continue with your exercise. Besides, the added weight of the trailer actually adds to the intensity of the workout. The large version of this product would be ideal for owners with senior dogs. Since most senior dogs have a hard time with walking long distances, the trailer would be the perfect way for your pooch to enjoy the outdoors without any of the resulting pain from arthritis. The bottom is wide enough for a cooling or heating pad to be placed on the surface to keep the pooch comfortable. The product costs well within the mid-range, making it ideal for families or single buyers looking for cheap but long-term use.  


All in all, the Sepnine 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer and Stroller Jogger meets all the necessary requirements of a pet-loving jogger. Offering a combination that goes above and beyond the typical needs. Taking into account all factors, it’s easy to see why the model is a favored purchase with a star rating of 4.2 out of 5.