​Sleeko Airline Approved Pet Carrier Review

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​If you’re the kind of pet owner who loves to take your pet with you to all kinds of adventures, then the Sleeko Pet Carrier would be the ideal choice.

This airline approved product works for land trips, sea trips, and most importantly – air trips.

Here’s what you should know about this particular product.

​Product Size

Th​is pet  measures 17.5 inches in length, 10 inches in width, and 11.9 inches in height, making it perfect for airline travel.

It’s specially created to handle small breed dogs or cats.

In order to find out whether your pooch will fit inside, you can measure him from the tip of his nose to the base of the tail. The height should be measured from the shoulders to the ground.

Airline approved Sleeko pet carrier

Color Options

There are so many color options for this particular model, giving owners the chance to pick the best shade for their pet!

Aside from the basic Charcoal Gray Color, there’s also the Blush, the Rose, and the Tan.

There’s also the Charcoal Gray Color in an expandable format which allows a little bit of your pooch to “look out” through a mesh window.

Pawfect pet carrier suitabe for small dog breeds

​Airline Approved

The model is specifically built with airline travel in mind.

The size and shape of the carrier is such that it can be comfortable packed under the chair of a plane.  ​

This ensures that your pooch is with you at all times instead of in the baggage area of the plane.

More specifically, the pet carrier works for Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Jetblue, and other major airlines.

Pawfect Pet Carrier, versatile and easy to use

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​Mesh Ventilation

Cool and safe, the mesh ventilation can be found on three different sides of the carrier, giving your pooch lots of space for viewing.

The mesh can also be opened so you can let your pet’s head sneak out the window or you can let him out completely by lowering the mesh door. This opening ​of the pet carrier allows for maximum flexibility for the user while making sure that the pooch remains comfortable either way.

The mesh can be opened with the help of a zipper for an easy open-close operation.


​Soft Fleece Pads

The product also comes with soft fleece pads that can be removed and washed as needed. This guarantees freshness with each travel, allowing dogs to ​snuggle into their beds during the trip.

Ideal for pups that are still learning toilet training, the pads make it easy to clean up after your pooch with a simple pad-swap mid flight if needed.

Plush interior of the Pawfect Pets dog carrier

2 Carry options with the Pawfect Pets pet carrier

​Comfortable Carry Options

The Sleeko Pet Carrier has two carry options. You can bring it with you as a handbag or you can make slightly adjustments to the strap so that it can be used as a shoulder bag.

Either way, the carrier comes with pads that help prevent the straps from digging into your shoulder or hands.

In both cases, you have the option of opening up a mesh window and let your pet pop out his head and observe his surroundings in contentment.


​Good Quality Durable Make

The product itself is wonderfully durable, made from tear-resistant mesh and polyester fabric. The capacity of the fabric to control temperature is such that it can be cool during a hot day or warm during cold days.

The mesh is strong, guaranteeing that even your stubborn cat or dog won’t be able to tear it ​for an opening. The fabric features durable stitching that keeps your pooch safe and warm inside without the possibility of tearing or popping out of place.

​Easy Storage

When not in use, the product can be conveniently folded down into a manageable size and stuffed into a bag specifically created for the item.

The storage bag itself is small and compact – something you can easily stash away while the carrier is in use and whip out again when it’s time to store the carrier back in the closet.

​Safety ​Features

The unit is built for maximum safety with the inclusion of seat belt buckles, therefore keeping the carrier in place during car travels.

Ideal for family cars, the attachment of the carrier gives your pooch a safe and exclusive haven inside the vehicle, away from the kids.

The bag is also designed with reflective strips for a “just in case” situation. While you’re not expected to leave the bag in the dark – the strips definitely add a measure of security to your pooch.

​Pockets for Added Storage

The carrier also comes with two pockets for added storage. You can put in there some treats for the dog or perhaps a water bottle for him. You can also slide in an information ID to help tracking in case the pup gets lost from you.

Some users put the carrier’s bag inside so that when they need to fold it down for storage, they can easily find the bag ​when needed.

Plenty of pockets on the Pawfect Pets dog carrier

​Benefits Of The Sleeko Pet Carrier

So what exactly are the benefits of getting this model? Here are some of the positive feedback noted by actual users:

  • The Sleeko pet carrier is very light and durable. When carried without the pooch, the weight barely registers so that you can bring it with you outdoors while camping or jogging with your pet.
  • The carrier comes with two fleece pads so you can just swap them out as needed. Users can also buy additional fleece pads online so they don’t have to automatically wash the ones they just removed from the carrier.
  • It’s incredibly easy to use. With a roomy interior and extensive mesh windows, your pet will feel secure knowing and seeing that you are right beside them.
  • The multiple color options. Since not everyone is fond of the color black, the rose and tan options might help add a little bit of attitude into your dog’s carrier.
  • Product’s price is well within the affordable range. It’s not too expensive and it’s not incredibly cheap either so you’ll be assured that it works within your budget.
  • The carrier is very easy to clean and manages to ward off the doggy smell from sticking onto the fabric. Suffice it to say, the carrier is such that it remains looking and smelling fresh despite multiple use. The fact that the fleece pads are replaceable also helps prevent odor from lingering.
  • The flooring of the bag is resilient and remains more or less flat during use. This means that your cat or dog won’t be uncomfortable and will be resting on a mainly stable and flat surface while being carried.

​Some Drawbacks

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect product. Following are some of the drawbacks of the Sleeko Pet Carrier.

  • The carrier is built primarily for small breed dogs so make sure your pooch will fit in one upon purchase. Accordingly, the product can handle up to 10 pounds although maximum capacity may vary.
  • Information on warranty is not very forthcoming from the manufacturers of the product.


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​Who Should ​Buy This Dog Carrier?

The Sleeko Pet Carrier is a good choice for ALL pet owners, provided that your pet falls within the size and shape requirements.

  • Good for vet visits; the carrier lets you bring your pooch comfortably into a place where he’s most likely to become agitated. The familiar smell of the fleece pad should add comfort to the pooch.
  • Perfect for air travel, this carrier fits snugly under carrier chairs so there’s really no problem keeping your dog close by during trips. With most dogs becoming stressed when kept in the luggage compartment of airplanes, this solution is definitely the best for loving pet owners. If you have a job that takes you places or going to travel with your pooch just this one time, it’s better to invest into a great pet carrier.
  • It’s also ideal for joggers, campers, or adventurers who want their dog with them at all times. While small breed dogs have limited energy supply, that doesn’t mean you have to leave them home while you jog. With the carrier, you can let the pooch run with you side by side and then just carry them with you when they get tired.
  • Families will also find this carrier useful – especially if you have kids. The carrier works as a safe haven or a “room” for the pet whenever he wants to just sleep and stay quiet in a confined space.

Dog Carrier for small dog breeds by Pawfect Pets


To wrap it up, it’s easy to see why the Sleeko Pet Carrier is a favorite for many pet owners who want to keep their dog or cat safe and comfortable during a trip.

Possessing all the necessities of a pet carrier with just the right amount of pizzazz in the design, it’s a good choice for women who want to remain stylish while guaranteeing that their pets have the safety and protection it deserves.

All in all, the Sleeko Pet Carrier deserves 4 out of 5 stars!

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