VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller – Review

Classy looking pet stroller by VIVO

Going anywhere with your pet should be a pleasant experience but sometimes, it can also be a hassle.

Some places do not allow pets to roam lose while others are just not pet friendly places at all. There’s also the problem of bringing along pet care products and other important pet paraphernalia.

Many small pets are also very sensitive to weather changes and could easily catch a cold if you take them out without protection from the rain.

The solution to many of these problems is the VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller.

This lightweight and easy to use pet stroller lets you take your pet with you wherever you go and protects your pet from outside elements. It also keeps your pet clean longer than if you just let him roam free.

If you are in the shopping mall or other enclosed locations, the pet stroller helps you carry your pet easily.

How Does This Pet Stroller Look and Feel

The VIVO Three Wheel Pet Stroller works like a dream.

It opens and folds easily with just a few clicks and locks along the body of the stroller. It features 2 rear wheels that come with easy push down brakes so you can lock the wheels even with just your foot.

The front wheel is made with the same sturdy plastic and rubber material as the rear.

The body is made with lightweight aluminum frame, a nylon water resistant material, some mesh and a padded bottom made of high quality foam that does not warp or lose shape easily.

An added benefit is that the padded bottom is machine washable.

Many different colors available for the VIVO 3 wheel dog stroller

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Features of the VIVO 3 wheel stroller

  • Mesh Front Cover
    This pet stroller comes with a mesh front cover that can be added or removed from the stroller by unzipping from one end to the other. Removing the mesh front allows your pets to see the surroundings while he or she is strolling with you inside the pet stroller.The same mesh, when put in place can protect your pet from bugs and other things that can bother him. The mesh allows your fur baby to breathe freely and so you can let a good amount of air and light in.The mesh is not the only thing that protects your pets.
  • Retractable Canopy
    The stroller also features a retractable canopy top that can be opened when there is rain or to avoid exposing your pet to direct sunlight. This canopy protects pets from feeling too overheated from the sun and cold from the rain.
  • Safety Leash
    Inside the padded bottom are two cords that can attach to your pet’s collar so he is secure while he travels and to ensure that he does not run away.
  • Cup Holders
    It also features a 2-cup or -thermos holder so you can place your water and your pet’s drink there as well.
  • Front and Rear Mesh Openings
    Another great feature that this pet stroller has is the small mesh opening in the front and the larger opening at the back. The small mesh opening allows your pet to interact with other animals and people outside the pet stroller without leaving the comfort of the stroller while the larger opening at the back can allow the pet to get in and out of the stroller easily.It opens with a zipper as with all other openings that this pet stroller has.
  • Viewing Window
    The top portion of the stroller has a viewing window just like in some baby strollers so that you can keep an eye on your pet even if you are behind him.
  • Storage Space
    The spacious interior is one thing that pets and pet owners really love about this product. The pet stroller’s interior has measurements of 19 inches x 12 inches x 19 inches. The interior is also padded and the soft inner padding is easy to wash.Under your pet is a huge container where you can store your pet’s things. Here, you can put towels, medicine, bags of treats, and toys that your pet may need while you are taking a stroll.The extra carrying basket is open so you can easily retrieve the things you have stashed there.

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Illustrated dimensions of the VIVO 3 wheel stroller

Why Should You Buy It?

Probably the coolest feature of this pet stroller is the spring suspension. Many strollers do not have spring suspension so moving over rougher terrain that are not flat like pavements or sidewalks can be a challenge. But with the VIVO Three wheel pet stroller, taking a hike with your pet along the nearby woods can be a breeze. The suspension helps to minimize any shaking for your pet.

The swiveling front wheel is another feature that you have to have so it is best that you buy this stroller. The swiveling wheel allows you to move in any direction without any problems. It helps you navigate in tight areas such as car parks and shopping centers.

Value for Money

Another reason to buy is its incredible price. This mid-priced stroller is affordable and economical, the quality design and materials mean that this stroller can last a long time.

Great Range of Colors

  • red,
  • black,
  • purple,
  • camo, and
  • pink with white polka dots.

The different colors allow you express your fashion sense without too much effort, and purchase a stroller that suits your fur baby’s character.

The easy to use zippers and openings also make this pet stroller a great buy. The zippers do not snag easily. The front opening can be fully removed to give your pet a wider space to view the outside world.

The frame is made with high quality raw materials so you can be sure of the pet stroller’s quality.

What We Didn’t Like

The lightweight materials creates some doubts as to the durability of the product. This dog stroller rates 4.0/5.0 Stars on Amazon with over 700 customer reviews. This is a very popular stroller

The manufacturer states that the product is very sturdy and durable.

Another problem you may encounter while assembling this product is the difficulty in reading the instructions. Some customers have expressed concern over understanding the provided assembly instructions. It is important that you carefully read the instructions before attempting to assemble this stroller.

The carrying basket below does not have a zipper to close and open it. People can just easily reach in there for your things.

Do not keep your valuables in the carry basket. You never know when thieves will strike.


This easy to use, and easy to store away stroller is a great pet product from VIVO. We feel certain that you will be happy if you buy one your cat or dog.

Its many colors and designs give you a lot of leeway when choosing your own interior colors.

The full opening mesh allows your pets freedom to go in and out of the stroller as he pleases.