VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Definitely one of the better ranking pet strollers in the market today, the VIVO 4-wheel ranks high in the market and comes with multiple features designed to keep and your pet happy. Here’s what you should know about this item:

Features of the VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Zipper Access Points

  • The zipper lets you open up the windows, creating a large opening where your dog can happily look through while being strolled through the park.
  • Ideal for senior dogs who still want the excitement without the physical activity, the zipper gives you the option of keeping things open or close, depending on your dog’s temperament.

Wide Mesh Windows

  • The mesh windows are located in front and at the back, which means that your pooch will have as much fresh air as possible while enjoying the outdoors.
  • They can watch to their heart’s content as you stroll them through the space. The wide mesh windows also gives you easy visual access to the dog so you’ll know exactly what the little one is doing at any given time.

VIVO 4 wheel pet stroller is available in a range of colors

Collapsible Structure

  • The product can be folded down into a neat linear structure for easy storage. You can put it behind doors or inside cabinets when not in use.
  • Keep it in the car at all times and there’s still enough space for all your shopping. The structure is quick and simple to collapse and extend.

Dual Cup Holders

  • The cup holders let you keep water for yourself and for the pooch. You can also use this space to keep snacks for the pooch, snacks for yourself, or perhaps other important items like your keys, your mobile phone, or your wallet.

4-Wheel Rolling System

  • The 4 wheels add a measure of stability to the stroller, especially when left standing up. Wheel locks make sure the stroller remain stationary when needed.
  • Compared to the 3-wheel stroller, this VIVO model adds a sense of security for its users.

Spacious Under Basket

  • Under the stroller is a basket measuring 16 by 12 by 7 inches, perfect for additional storage. In here, you can put in your bag, doggy bags, scooper, and other pet necessities.

Large Interior

  • The inside of the stroller measures 19 by 12 by 19 inches – providing more than enough space for your pet to sit or lie down, depending on his mood.
  • Ideal for small breeds weighing 30 pounds or less.

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Benefits of the VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Smooth Ride

  • The wheels are specifically created to handle terrains a bit rougher than smooth pavement.
  • To make sure your dog remains comfortable during the stroll, the VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller also comes with extra padding, giving your dog more than enough cushion in case of rough roads.


  • The stroller comes with two locks activated at the bottom to help keep the item stable while on park. Since you can close the top with the zipper, this also helps prevent overexcited dogs from jumping out of the stroller until they’re fully trained to ride.

Pet Comfort

  • The bottom is beautifully padded to keep your pooch cushioned during the ride. Perfect for senior dogs that might have a few aches and pains, the VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller makes sure there’s as little jarring as possible even if you’re passing through rough terrain.

Ergonomic Design

  • Product handle is located at the exact height for your hands and arms, making it very easy to grab and push, even for long periods of time.
  • The height and grip are created with the natural body posture in mind, therefore making sure that you won’t suffer from any unnecessary cramps or aches at the end of the day.

Ease of Use

  • Wonderfully quick and easy to use, the VIVO Wheel Pet Stroller lets you collapse and extend the stroller through simple movements that can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.
  • The stroller is built for easy maneuvering and comes with a fully padded handle to keep your palms comfortable as you stroll through with your pet.

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An exciting range of colors for this VIVO pet stroller

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What We Liked About VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller

Multiple Color Choices

  • We loved the fact that there are multiple color options for the fashionable pet owner. Aside from the basic black, there’s blue, orange, purple, and pink white polka dot.
  • This should add a bit of jazz into the experience and give your pooch an extra layer of fashion.

Removable Cover

  • The mesh can be removed completely – making it perfect for those beautiful sunny days. The mesh can be put back on if it’s a little rainy outside.
  • Removing the mesh also gives added enjoyment to the dog as his headspace clears up, giving him a wonderful view of the outdoors. This is also perfect for dogs with longer bodies.

Extra Large Space

  • The amount of space available is wonderfully impressive as you’re given the cup holders and the extra wide basket below. This gives you the chance to take everything you could possibly need with you – even if you’re not going out for just a stroll.
  • Take your pooch to work, to the mall, or to visit family and the stroller will let you take everything you need in one simple basket.

Two Can Fit

  • Another important thing to remember about this unit is that it can fit up to 30 pounds at time. However, the space is large enough that you can fit 2 dogs inside without any problem.
  • If you own a very small breed, then 2 of them shouldn’t reach 30 pounds – letting you stroll both dogs at the same time.

Wonderfully Sturdy

  • The metal structure is wonderfully sturdy and reliable. You can trust it to remain strong and compact even during heavy use. In fact, the model is often used by pet owners taking their pooches on vacations.
  • Capable of withstanding hours of strolling for days, the product maintains its structural integrity.

Space Saving

  • The fact that it can be collapsed flat for easy storage means that there’s no need to take up a huge chunk of your room, garage, or car space to keep this item in your arsenal.
  • This also makes the stroller perfect for travel.

What We Didn’t Like

Limited to Pavements

  • Despite all the great things about this model, there’s no such thing as perfect. The VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller is made specifically for pavement strolling.
  • While the cushion is there to keep your pet safe, there’s no escaping the wear and tear on the wheels if you use it on dirt or grass.
  • The wheels can take in the grass, making the ride less than smooth. For this reason, it’s best to use the stroller on the paved road only.


  • If your pooch tends to shed, you might want to store a roller lint in the compartment to keep the inside clean of fur after a stroll.
  • The cushion on the bottom is not removable – but you can easily place a cloth on top of it that you can remove for cleaning.

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Customers love the range of colors in this dog stroller by VIVO

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All in all, getting the VIVO 4 Wheel Pet Stroller is an easy decision to make as the product offers all the basic necessities for a reliable stroller. Quick and easy to use with a design that’s wonderfully classic, the brand really did well in introducing this in the market.

If you’re currently looking for a good pet stroller, then check out this one and find out why lots of pet owners today favor this product.